Decision postponed to consider additional options

YERINGTON - In response to concerns expressed by some county residents, seven additional redistricting options have been presented for consideration.

Presented to Lyon County commissioners last week, the new maps are all variations of the two proposals presented at prior meetings.

The one constant within the new options is the re-inclusion of the south side of Dayton Valley Road back into District 1, currently represented by Commissioner Bob Milz. To maintain districts of similar population, this would mean a similar number of Dayton residents from another area of the community would have to be moved into a new district.

The new options show a number of scenarios for residents living in general proximity east of Smith's food store and north of the Carson River:

-- Being in the same district as Smith Valley, currently represented by Phyllis Hunewill. (Options A & D)

-- Being in the same district as portions of Fernley, currently represented by LeRoy Goodman. (Option C & G)

-- Being in a district as a portion of Yerington, currently represented by David Fulstone. (Option B)

-- Being in a district with an open seat. (Options E & F)

Similar variations are possible for residents of Stagecoach, Silver Springs and Fernley.

Challenged with the task of creating districts meeting mandated population levels, County Clerk/Treasurer Nikki Bryan told commissioners she has no personal interest in how the eventual district boundaries are drawn.

"This has to work for my elections. I have tried to take input from everything I have heard and incorporate that into different maps."

She said the new maps were only an estimation of population garnered from voter registration and other sources. She will define exact boundaries more precisely when the commissioners determine which option they wish to follow.

A strong opponent of the original proposals, Dayton Valley Road resident Gayle Thomssen was pleased to see maps placing her home back within District 1 and complimented Bryan for her efforts.

"In Dayton we have worked really hard to gives us a good sense of community. By cutting us off, it would only serve to hurt. Any option that includes us in Dayton is OK," she said.

Others expressed similar views for their communities. Silver Springs Advisory Council Chairman Richard Zierenberg championed the map giving his community the opportunity to elect two commissioners.

"We want an open district and try and get another local commissioner," he said of the map eliminating Commissioner Hunewill's seat and creating an open district in a portion of Silver Springs.

Smith Valley resident Paula Rosachi asked the board to consider the diversity of the county and the importance of having a resident commissioner. She asked that no current commissioners be eliminated when choosing a final map.

To give local advisory boards and the Fernley and Yerington City Councils time to hold public meetings on the issue, the commissioners postponed making a decision until Dec. 20. The public hearing will be scheduled for 6 p.m. in Yerington.


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