Letter: Need for bypass more than just traffic issue

It was gratifying to read that people of note like Mr. Daines, our Mayor Ray Masayko and even our governor spoke positively about our pathetic traffic concerns with respect to the bypass project as a sorely needed aid!

While comments have raged pro and con for far too long concerning noise, bike paths, and even butterflies, the problems multiply and intensify. I feel, as do many others, that the road system in general for the state capital is an embarrassing relic from the '50s or '60s, and ridiculously inadequate with the road tax funding.

I would like to present a serious, real danger I've not seen or heard addressed with respect to the traffic mess in and through town .

U.S. 395 being a main artery for all traffic including RVs, buses, heavy construction rigs and especially semi and multi trailer trucks, one should consider what might occur to this town when an accident in the in-town corridor, involving God knows what chemical, toxic waste, explosives or endless deadly compounds does occur as it surely will as it is now.

Putting the bypass off again for any reason is a sure design for a major disaster let alone the ever increasing traffic frustrations for any who have to put up with the misery driving through what is now known as "Cartoon Silly" the crapital of Nevada.


Carson City


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