Letter: Shame on you for rounding up horses

I am writing this to you since I have no idea who else to write this to. As I understand in your town wild horses are being captured because they are lured by green grass. They have been captured and now we be branded and sold. Maybe even to meat factories!

I wanted to give my point of view on this. Over here we protect our wild environment. Our government invests to protect that. We have reservations for animals where no people are allowed!

And those poor horses lured by green grass... we would help them and not imprison them. I think the people responsible in your town should be ashamed off what they did. And the people who have their homes and and lives there should do something about this.

Some money-hungry guys are doing this to the poor horses, probably more will be coming because as I understand it is hard to find green grass right now. Shame on the people who do this, and shame on them who stand aside and do nothing! And your newspaper could print more about this story, try to get attention to what is done to this poor horses.

Shame on you if you ignore. We in Europe know all about ignoring. The fact that we ignored what Hitler did for too long took a lot of people's lives. Take action sooner! Save those horses.


Dinteloord, Netherlands


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