Street Talk: There's a lot more to this 'angelic sensor' than what meets the eye

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The first thing I want to tell you about Linda Wallace is that she's able to do things most cannot. She can "communicate with the other side" and she not only talks with them, she is a certified "ghostbuster" and a clairvoyant as well as being an "Angelic Sensor." I began our visit by asking her what that means.

"I'm an Angelic Sensor which means I talk to angels," she replied. "I've been talking to them since I was 3 years old."

To tell you more about that we have to go back to when it all started.

Linda is 55 years old and was born in Long Beach, Calif. A divorced mother of three children, she has seven grandchildren, all living in Southern California.

"My oldest son Scott is 37 and works on the new TV show 'Freakies' on NBC," said Linda proudly. "He worked with Angela Landsbury and did some producing for the show 'Murder She Wrote' and Scott was a producer on the TV show 'The Pretender' and a few other shows. Aaron is 34 and is an auto mechanic and my daughter Wendy is 28. She works in customer relations for a Southern California company and is a psychic too."

Since both she and her daughter "are psychic" I asked Linda if she can tell the future - "Yes, I can" - and when she gave that answer I asked if she would kindly give me the California Lotto numbers for the next drawing.

"I can't do things like that or results from sporting events or know what slot machine is hot and ready to hit," she said with a laugh. "I even have caller ID and there are some things I can't do but there are many that I can."

Well, since she dashed my hope of winning millions of dollars, this visit is over!

Just kidding ...

"I'm not a fortune teller," she continued. "I'm gifted with certain senses and I like helping people and I've always done that."

Before we get to talking about some of her talents and what Linda can do, a little more about her family.

Linda's mom and and dad (Helen and Jim) are both 79 and have been married for 58 years.

"Dad worked for over 30 years as a supervisor at American Can Company and mom was a beautician for over 25 years and owned her own place," said Linda. "I have one younger brother, Gary, who owns and operates his own business. He's an auto-body man and lives and works in Cerritos, Calif."

When she lived in Southern California, Linda was a business consultant for doctors, lawyers, universities and telemarketing companies and did that for 30 years.

"I owned my own business and had seven employees," she said. "During that time period I worked for 12 years for the Garden Grove School District working with special ed students."

She first came to Nevada in 1992 when she moved to Reno and opened her business there. It was called Synchronicity and dealt with her talking to angels and other things. I asked her what she talks to the angels about?

"Everything and anything," she answered happily. "I talk to all the angels including spirit beings and I talk with the departed too. Both for my clients and my own departed relatives."

Linda came to Carson City in February of this year and "moved my business here" and she's also "all over the world" on the Internet.

Tell us about your business here in Carson City, Linda.

"I conduct weekly workshops at Kennedy Books on John Street and the next one is this coming Saturday," she said. "It's a flower essence and aroma therapy workshop and I do private readings, do intuitive reading parties and I communicate with the dead for my clients and do many more clairvoyant things.

"At age 5, I was made aware that I was different. Until then I thought everyone could communicate with spiritual beings and see, hear, feel and communicate with them. I do readings, Tarot cards, pets, past lives and I chat with the departed.

"My mission in this life is to facilitate and amplify the energy connection between both sides while sharing these experiences with others."

She covers many subjects in her work and workshops, including a "Celebrity Spirits" one on Jan. 1. Some others include New Year readings, Celebrity Spirits and Great Romances (Feb. 10) and Valentine's Day Love Connection Readings (Feb. 14) plus Pet Readings on Feb. 17.

Those interested can call Linda at 848-8519 or visit her Web site at http//


I asked Linda if she could read minds and if she saw the movie "The Sixth Sense."

"Yes I did," she laughed. "I am the sixth sense ... I can read minds but only if people let me but that's not what I really do ... And I am a ghostbuster too. People call me in to their homes and or business because something weird is going on with spirits and I have the ability to communicate with them and persuade them to leave. I've had good success at ghostbusting over the years. About 80-percent successful."


Linda has a brand new show on Carson Access Television called "The Flamboyant Clairvoyant" on channel 10 that debuts this Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. It repeats Thursday at 1 p.m.

"It's a half-hour show and we'll have a new show every week," she said. "We'll be dealing with everything from angels to aliens to the paranormal and more. It's different and enlightening and we'll have specialists in whatever field we're discussing as a guest each week. We also have a live audience for each taping."

Linda is also "almost finished" writing her book and I love the title - It's called "They Call Me Crazy, Don't they?" and I got her to promise me an autographed copy when it's published.

"It's about my physic life from birth," she added. "It's a pretty amusing story and all true."

Time for our visit to end but being who she is, I assumed Linda already knew that ....

ALAN ROGERS is a Nevada Appeal columnist. Call him at 887-2430, ext. 402.


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