Unsolved murders draw questions, answers from psychic

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A Reno psychic predicted Monday that the murder of Carson City resident Clint Jacobo will be resolved.

Linda Wallace claimed Jacobo's spirit remains in this area because he wants to get everything taken care of.

"He's close, and wants his family to know that they are seeking the wrong person," she said. Wallace believes someone else orchestrated the murder.

Wallace, who helped family members of victims of convicted sex-slave killer Gerald Gallego, spoke freely of how she has worked with police agencies and private investigators to find murder victims and how she has spoken with those victims' spirits.

The self-described psychic, who calls her business Synchronicity, doesn't fit the typical mold of a fortuneteller. With long red hair and piercing eyes, there are no added frills - veils, multiple rings or an accent. She said she uses the medium - tarot cards, glass ball or whatever - that makes the person seeking inspiration or insight most at ease.

"A lot of people are skeptical, and say they don't believe," she said. "But they don't have to. It's OK, because I know what I know, and when I show (the police) they see too."

Wallace answered questions about Jacobo and Natasha Jennings whose cases remain unsolved.

Jacobo was killed and two male cousins, aged 16 and 17, were wounded in the shootings Aug. 6 in a field east of the Pinon Plaza. Murder warrants have been issued for Jorge E. Torres-Reyes and Usiel Mora, both of Carson City.

Wallace, who claims to not read newspapers, watch television or listen to radio, said one of the boys remains in the Carson area, and one of the boys has fled.

"The boy who pulled the trigger is feeling guilty," she said. "He believed that he could do anything without feeling guilt about it, but he feels remorse, because deep down, he didn't really mean to do it. He will come forward before too long."

Wallace said someone "set it up," someone older, maybe named Holms, a 27 year old, she predicted. Other key words that came forward from her mind was "Charlie" as well as the colors red and blue.

"Jacobo is telling me, 'It rained and the colors bled and became as one,'" she said. "And, that has not been good."

She said that while Jacobo wasn't connected directly with a gang, he had a gang of his own making where he belonged.

She said she listens to angelic sensors -guardian angels and the spirits of those who have passed on. She said that while working with investigators in the Gallego murders, she was taken blindfolded and picked out the site where two of the bodies were buried on different occasions.

"I couldn't have done that if (the victim) had not been telling me," she said.

As far as Natasha Jennings, the 16-year-old girl who was found dead inside her father's Carson City apartment July 8, 1997 of no apparent cause, Wallace said it was just her time.

"That girl was not meant to be here," she said. "She died of natural causes."

Violence in schools and the community are just a sign that the family is not the key. The communities have to be responsible for the individual, she said.

"Until it gets worse, we as the people will not get to the bottom of it," she said.

Wallace said that she was first made aware of her special gift of talking with angelic companions at age 5. She said she fought the gift for many years, and eventually quit a six-figure job in business.

"I spent three months on Pismo Beach trying to think otherwise," she said.


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