Fishing report for week of 01/19



CAPLES LAKE: Reported about one foot of ice on the lake, under about three feet of fresh snow. No report of any fishing. Anyone venturing out onto the ice is advised to be extremely cautious due to the uncertainly of the thickness of the ice.

DAVIS LAKE: No report.

EAGLE LAKE: No report.



PYRAMID LAKE: The Gillys Sporting Goods Store in Sparks said that the fishing has been a little bit sporadic. Some fishermen are doing well and others are getting "skunked."

Wayne Bench of Sparks caught a 10-pounder with a purple-colored fly at the Nets on Sunday.

The fly fishermen have been doing fairly good in that area, with some "Cutts" in the 6-8 pound class.

Trollers doing the best have been trolling along drop-offs that have structures. They have been using a variety of lures including Flatfish, Kwikfish, Apex or T-or-P-Do. The minnow-type lures have been working the best.

RED LAKE: No report on the thickness of the ice. Anyone venturing out onto the ice is advised to be extremely cautious due to the uncertainly of the thickness of the ice. The lake was reported to have some ice fishermen. They were doing fairly well on Eastern brook trout, up to about 13 inches. The fishermen were jigging with gold-colored Kastmaster lures, inflated nightcrawlers or Power Bait.


SILVER LAKE: No report.


LAKE TAHOE - North Shore: Limits of average sized Mackinaw trout, up to about 6 pounds, with an occasional rainbow trout. Fishing in 250-450 feet of water, very early in the morning, in front of the Carnelian Bay-Kings Beach area. Trolling with silver Herring Dodger flasher blades with pearl-colored Apex lures, live minnows or three-inch, blue-colored, rubber minnows.

LAKE TAHOE - South Shore: Mike Nielsen of the Tahoe Topliners of South Lake Tahoe said that the best action this last week was for boaters trolling silver-colored flasher blades with minnows. They were trolling about 105-120 feet deep in front of the Edgewood Golf Course.

He also advised that ice fishermen be extremely cautious when trying to ice fish some of the smaller lakes in that general area. The recent mild weather had caused the ice to thaw.

TOPAZ LAKE: Linda Fields of the Topaz Lake Marina reported, " The fishing is still "Four Star." The fishermen are getting tired of catching fish. Four fishermen came in this morning after 2-3 hours of trolling. They had caught and released more than 60 rainbows. It's been great fishing and we've had perfect weather.

She said that trollers were using black/gold, black/silver or rainbow-colored No. 5 or 7 Rapala lures. The trout were hitting all over the lake. The shore fishermen were also doing very well with lures, nightcrawlers or Power Bait.

The rainbows were running in the 1-1.5 pound class.

WALKER LAKE: Bob Tompkins of the Gun and Tackle Store in Hawthorne checked in and said, "The fishing has been up and down. Some fishermen are doing very well, others are not catching any fish."

He said the best fishing results are coming from boats trolling about 50-70 feet down in water that is 80-90 feet deep, east of Sand Point. They are catching cutthroat in the 4-9 pound class with Flatfish, Kwikfish, Apex or T-or-P-Do lures.

He recommended fishing on the east side of the lake for lots of smaller-sized trout.

WILDHORSE RESERVOIR: Dennis Dunn of the Wild Horse Resort said, "The fishing has been excellent and also the weather. We have about 6 inches of packed snow and about 18 inches of ice on the reservoir. The weather has been balmy, our low last night was 8 degrees."

He reported that Santiago Villaneuava of Battle Mountain caught a 5.2 pound Tiger Trout with a nightcrawler on Sunday. The Tiger will be mounted and displayed at the resort. A Tiger trout is a hybrid cross-breed between a male German brown and a female Eastern brook.

Ice fishermen have been catching lots of rainbows, up to about 21 inches and lots of perch, up to about 10 inches.


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