Let the bells ring, as kettles hit street Friday

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Lt. John VanCleef opened a storage unit Wednesday where the Salvation Army's familiar red kettles have been waiting since last year.

Scooping up an armful of signs, he smiled. "It's good to be at it again," he said.

The Salvation Army's volunteer bell ringers will be standing in front of local businesses as the Red Kettle Campaign begins Friday.

"One hundred percent of every dollar raised serves The Salvation Army in this area," said Van Cleef.

Volunteers - not paid bell-ringers - will be working the kettles this year as a way to save expenses and put more of the donations toward the Salvation Army's programs. In years past, the Carson City Salvation Army has paid a stipend to kettle workers.

Volunteers may sign up by calling 887-9120 or 881-2324.

Local businesses, service clubs and other clubs participating will be awarded an Annual Bell Ringer Award if they donate the most hours.

Even if passers-by respond to the ringing bells with pocket change, it can add up to significant contributions.

"If everyone in Carson City gave just one dollar, we would be able to raise $50,000," VanCleef said. "Or, if everyone would contribute just 50 cents, we could raise $25,000."

The money is used at Christmas and throughout the year to help needy people in Carson City and Douglas County.


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