Letter: national ID

The police state leash is tightening around your neck. The National ID card will go into effect on Oct. 1, 2000, if some intervening miracle does not stop it. The card is mandated by Sec. 626(b) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibilities Act of 1996.

It will start as a simple ID card but is destined to become a leash around your neck your masters will use to control you. The future card will contain personal biometric data that will identify only you. The card will have a chip containing digitized data such as fingerprints, retina scan, voice print and other bits of data that make you a unique person. It will be your credit card, your passport, your driver's license, your medical record, your arrest record and other details of your life.

Privacy will become impossible. This will not happen all at once; items will be added incrementally. The first hurdle will be the implementation of the basic card itself. Join in the fight to get this section of the law repealed.

But there is more. The card is destined to be replaced with an under-the-skin implant that contains the same data. The implant is a transponder that will be scanned by radio the same way groceries are now scanned in the store with a laser beam.

This implant system is already in use by pet and livestock owners. Livestock is all that your rulers consider you to be.

When the first Social Security cards were issued containing a serial number, some people objected to the idea. They argued that they did not want the government to issue them an identification number. The government argued that it wasn't an identification number. They said that it would only be used to identify your account with the Social Security Administration and that only you, your employer and the Social Security Administration would ever have any use for it.

They put "not to be used for identification" on the first cards they issued. This no longer appears on Social Security cards and everybody seems to want your number. You can't open a bank account without giving your Social Security number. Almost any form you fill out these days has a place for your number. The government lied when they said this was not a national ID number.


Carson City


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