Watchman's quarters a Mound House concern

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MOUND HOUSE - The advisory council will send a letter recommending changes in the county ordinances, and seeking stricter enforcement, on watchman's quarters.

Lyon County ordinances allow manufactured homes to be placed on certain manufacturing or commercially zoned properties. Property owners must apply for a special use permit and explain the need for a resident watchman. Under county ordinance rental of such units is not allowed.

Council Chairman Chuck Roberts said, "Numerous such homes are being used as rentals and are being blatantly advertised as such. The county should review them and revoke their permits if they are not in compliance."

The Mound House Advisory Council wants county commissioners to revoke the special-use permits for violators and review and rewrite the governing ordinance.

With the county in the process of amending the manufactured housing ordinance, Commissioner Bob Milz said now would be a good time to ask the commission to address the issue.

Roberts' recommendations for watchman's quarters include:

-- The residence must be affixed to a permanent foundation

-- Only one home allowed per parcel

-- If the occupant is other than the owner of the property, the applicant (owner) must have a current business license

-- No compensation may be received for use of such a home

-- Use of the home may not be offered as compensation or in lieu of wages

-- The home may be no more than five years old from the date of application

-- The special use permit is not transferable.

The recommendations will be forwarded to county officials.


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