Waters to run again

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The first time his name appeared in a headline was in 1966.

"Waters jumps 6'4", Carson scores," read the banner of the Nevada Appeal on that day some 37 years ago when a then-17-year-old Noel Waters of Carson High School sailed past the state high jump record.

Since that time Waters, 53, Carson City district attorney, has served two years on active guard duty with the Air Force, 13 summers fire fighting with the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada and Alaska, dispatched for the Nevada Highway Patrol and spent two sessions with the Nevada State Legislature as a bill editor -- all the while earning a degree in journalism, political science and law.

"It took me 13 years to get through school," he said laughing on Sunday.

Waters found his niche in 1981 when he took a job as a deputy DA. In 1985, after then-DA Bill Maddox was named Nevada's U.S. Attorney, Waters was appointed district attorney and it has been that way ever since.

He hopes to win his fifth election in November.

"It's been my privilege to serve as DA for 17 years," he said. "I'm proud of our staff and our accomplishments. It shows that we are hardworking, experienced and professional."

As district attorney, Waters is in charge of all legal matters within the city, from criminal cases to civil litigations. His office is legal counsel for the city as well.

"We defend many of the routine types of civil cases in house. We don't farm it out to insurance company counsel," he said. Because of that, Waters said insurance premiums for Carson City are low.

"The Board of Supervisors know our job is to tell them what their legal options are and it's their job to set policy. We work real hard at not trying to be a sixth member of the board."

He sees hope in new programs such as Rural Drug Court which offers drug offenders rehabilitation in lieu of jail time.

"If we help someone get out of that spiral of substance abuse a lot of the other social problems go away too. Their not out robbing people or writing bad checks."

A father of four, Waters who's been married to wife Bonnie for 20 years, has lived in Carson City since 1962 raising all of his children here.

His oldest daughter, Kristin, made him a grandfather three-times over and his oldest son, Ian, was married last year. His two youngest children, Sarah and Scott are active at Carson High School.

The position of district attorney is not without its dark moments.

Waters has been subjected to countless complaints during the years, but expects they are part of the job.

"I think the DA's position does engender some opposition to decisions that are made. It's just a natural consequence to disagreement," he said.

"My obligation is to do the best job I can with the information available and if mistakes are made, try to profit from it so we don't make them again."

He can't say enough good about his staff of 26, nine of which are deputy DA's.

"I am really happy with the dedication, expertise and hard work my staff deputies do. Obviously I am only one of a total of 10 lawyers in the office and although I am responsible for the offices functions I can't do it all myself. We all share the same attitude. Sometimes it will make a lot of people unhappy, but we are doing what the law requires, not necessarily what the popular vote is."

Waters is happy at this juncture in his life and hopes to continue in a position where he feels he is doing some good.

"I really do enjoy the work. I think I've made a difference. I just try to do the best job that I can and hopefully that makes Carson City a better place to live."


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