Letter to editor: Carson City Drivers

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I am a recent transplant to the Carson area and want to discuss a little annoyance since arriving.

I am boggled by the fact that this area has so many poor drivers. Let me give you a few examples of what I am talking about.

Number one, the second day we were in this city, we were rear-ended. If that wasn't bad enough, the driver was an underage driver with no license. Maybe this was Carson's idea of a welcome wagon! Not a very funny joke if you ask me.

If that one wasn't bad enough, almost five months later, I am involved in another collision. This time the individual runs into the side of me trying to switch lanes. Again, an individual with no license and no ability to fill out the accident report.

Then about the same time, our vehicle was parked and someone backed into it.

Events like these start to give a person a complex. Something has to be done about people who don't know how to handle a motor vehicle.

I have noticed that on many of your streets there are no stop signs. What is up with that?

I have seen just about everything in the short time I have become a resident in Carson City. People are driving with no plates, they switch lanes without notice, they don't use their signals, they go through stop signs, pull out in front of you and stay in your lane without speeding up, pulling out of driveways and going down the wrong lane.

I have even witnessed a young lady pass on a double yellow line in a residential neighborhood. She would have been turned in but she was driving a brand new car with temporary tags.

I don't know if these people haven't passed driving tests, don't know how to drive or just don't have any common sense or courtesy. I have made every excuse in the book for the way these people drive, but have yet to come to any kind of conclusion.

The one thing I have learned since becoming a resident here is a major brushup on defensive driving. I would be all for everyone retaking the driving part of the exam. I think people get too lax with their driving skills and need a refresher. It was much too easy to obtain a license in this state.

I realize there are a lot of transient people coming and going, but a lot of these bad drivers are residents of the state.

I thank you for letting me get this frustration off my chest. I just wonder how many others our there feel the way I do?


Carson City


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