Three-vehicle crash snarls traffic

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Traffic was backed up and household goods were strewn across the southbound lane following a three-car accident at Highway 395 and Bonanza Drive.

After attempting to make a U-turn, Mary Patrice Varr, 58, of Sunnyvale, Calif., turned into the southbound lane and was struck by an oncoming tractor-trailer in the right-hand lane. Complaining of back injuries, she was taken to Carson-Tahoe Hospital where she was treated and released. No one else was injured.

The driver of the truck explained the incident but did not wish to be identified.

"I was southbound on U.S. 395, almost into Carson City when I saw an SUV trying to make a U-turn. I was hoping she would see me, but she kept going so I hit my horn and my brakes," he said. "I moved into the right-hand lane, but she continued into that lane and when she did that, the accident was unavoidable. She had a lot of stuff in her SUV and I think maybe she couldn't see me."

The truck's left front fender was damaged.

According to Mark Zacha, spokesman for the Nevada Highway Patrol, the truck hit the 1995 Land Rover's right side. It skidded onto its right side after impact and into the left lane where it was struck by a red Ford Ranger pickup driven by Dayton resident Sofi Henderson.

"I was following the truck in the left-hand lane and he suddenly swerved into the right-hand lane," she said. "That's when I saw the SUV tumble and I slammed on my brakes but I couldn't avoid her. I'm amazed that I wasn't injured. I thought I was a goner."

Following the second impact, the Land Rover righted itself and coasted to a stop about one-quarter of a mile down the road.

The front end of Henderson's truck and the right side of the Land Rover were badly damaged.

According to Zacha, Varr was cited for failing to use due care.


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