Taking the hassle out of paperwork

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High Desert Services, Inc., operating out of the Minden home of David and Cindy Henderson, does the sometimes-boring, often time-consuming work of billing, invoicing and bank drafting.

"This is the type of work that takes up all of an office manager's time," Dave Henderson said. "This is cheaper than doing it in-house when you break it down in terms of overhead, equipment and time."

Henderson, a one-time computer store owner and home builder, started the corporation a couple years ago and has outfitted it with a state-of-the-art Internet-based computer system. He said having the ability to conduct transactions electronically can result in shorter billing cycles and faster turnaround times for insurance reviews.

"If you use mail, it can take 60-90 days," Henderson said. "if we do it electronically, we can turn it around in 21 days."

And with the Internet interface, Henderson's clients don't have to update software or deal with downtime on their systems. All of the computer work is done by Henderson, who has been trained in the systems he uses.

At first, Henderson says he was apprehensive to get into medical billing. He said between the doctor's billing practices and insurance requirements, the work can be all-consuming. But where there is a quagmire of bureaucracy, Henderson said the company is able to iron out wrinkles, reducing non-payment and improving the rate of return.

An example, he said, is the pages of insurance codes required by insurers for specific medical treatments. When a code does not match, the insurance company can send the claim back for review. By getting it right the first time, or having the ability to correct submissions quickly, repayment is more efficient.

Cindy Henderson has 20 years of experience in insurance and an understanding of the flow of paperwork in doctor-insurance provider relationships, David Henderson said.

"This is good for doctors because they don't have to chase patients down to pay their bills," he said.

The company also charges per draft, so clients are not paying a premium during low-volume periods.

Henderson said he can save customers an average of 60 percent on paperwork, depending on volume. The company's greatest success to date, he said, is with a company that saves $26,000 a year with High Desert Services.

"The hardest part is getting people to take the time to look at it," he said.

High Desert Services can be reached at 267-9894, by e-mail at info@highdesertservices.com or on the Web at www.highdesertservices.com


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