Filing for city offices ends Monday

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With the filing Friday of Jim Hukari for the Carson City School Board's District 3 seat, there is at least one candidate for every office open in Carson City.

However, only two races -- sheriff and assessor -- are being contested. The filing period for this year's election ends Monday.

If no one else files by 5 p.m. Monday, two supervisors, the district attorney, clerk, treasurer and four school board candidates will have free rides into elected offices.

Carson Chief Elections Clerk Tammy Caldwell said in her seven years in her position, she has "never seen it this slow."

Hukari's filing was the first for the elections office since May 7. Sheriff's Chief Deputy Scott Burau also filed for sheriff Friday, joining the most contested race with three other candidates. Filing began May 6.

Hukari, 43, has lived in Carson for almost a year, and has been a Western Nevada resident for eight years. The school board seat he is seeking is held by Stacie Wilkie, who announced last week her intent to run for the Assembly District 40 seat vacated by Bonnie Parnell.

He is the father of two children who were home-schooled.

"You may ask, with kids who are home-schooled, why I want to be on the school board," he said. "Why don't more parents with kids in school want to be on the school board? It's easy to sit back and complain and find shortcomings. I think we need more people to get involved.

"I'd like to be an advocate for our kids and, hopefully, I want to be a model for our parents. The main thing I'd like to do, even through my own filing, is to encourage others to be involved."

Carson Clerk Alan Glover, who has been in elective office most years since 1973, said he sees fewer and fewer people willing to run for office.

"I was just talking to people who have been candidates and potential candidates that they really don't want to run," Glover said. "A number cited financial disclosures; they don't want to fill out the forms. Others couldn't see you could get much done if elected. Several people cited that (the process) is too bureaucratic.

"I've heard arguments that government is running pretty well in Carson, and there are no burning issues to go after. Even Fuji Park -- I haven't seen anyone filing on that issue. I really thought that would happen."

Whatever the reason, Glover said there are fewer candidates for political offices than 20 years ago. He ran for election unopposed only once -- in 1998. He expects more people will come into his office Monday to declare their candidacy

Supervisors and school board trustees must live in the district they represent, and voters cast ballots citywide. Filing fees -- $30 for school board candidates, $100 for all other positions-- must be paid in cash.

For information about districts or for filing information, call Caldwell at 887-2087. The Carson City Courthouse is located at 885 E. Musser St.


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