Bomb squad finds false alarm as Supreme Court

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A suspicious-looking box found outside the Nevada Supreme Court forced Capitol Police to call the bomb squad Wednesday.

Traffic was detoured around a four-block section of Stewart Street for 90 minutes while experts examined the gray, 12-by-16 home fire security box.

After X-rays spotted nothing suspicious in the box, the Douglas County Bomb Squad popped it open. It was empty.

Police said the box was apparently left by a man described as disheveled and carrying a yellow duffel bag.

He apparently tried to hand the box to the driver of a Pride bus, asking him to keep it for a while. The driver refused to take it.

After that, the man sat under a tree on the Stewart Street side of the Supreme Court building for a few minutes. He got up and left, carrying his duffel bag, but left the box behind.

Nearly 100 court employees were evacuated while bomb squad experts used a portable X-ray unit to make sure the box was safe before opening it.


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