Schools on display to push bond measure

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They called it the "nuts and bolts" bond. But that doesn't mean there was no glamour involved in the Carson City schools 2000 bond projects.

"We have 42 new bathrooms in the district," said director of operations Mike Mitchell. "For all the students and teachers, that's pretty glamorous. You don't understand until you go into one of the bathrooms and see how nice it is."

Mitchell is planning a tour to show off the bathrooms, recently paved parking lots, new piping and updated locks -- all made possible with the $18-million bond issue passed in the 2000 election and completed this summer.

He's hoping when members of the public see the success of the last bond, they will be willing to support a $3.75 million bond issue in this year's election.

He said the district is still battling with residual negative public opinion left over from botched projects following a 1990 bond. Voters rejected a proposed $48 million bond in the 1996 election.

"The school district has struggled with demonstrating to the public its ability to spend taxpayer money in a responsible way," Mitchell said. "This bond did that in my opinion and I want them to look at it and judge for themselves.

"We're asking for more money. If we can show we spent the money well, they will trust us to do our job again."

The tour will begin at Carson Middle then progress to Fritsch Elementary School. It will end at Bordewich-Bray Elementary School, where the proposed bond money would be spent to build an addition to the school.

The addition would replace five portable buildings which were destroyed after they were found to be infested with toxic mold.

Mitchell said this year's bond issue is easier for voters to visualize than updating old air-conditioning systems and installing new phone lines.

"It's a very visible project," he said. "In the end, there will be a new school. The public will be able to see a lot better what they're going to get for their money."


What: Bond 2000 tour

When: 5:30 p.m. Monday

Where: Flagpole at Carson Middle School


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