Girl admits lying to police

A 12-year-old girl who admitted lying to police about an attempted abduction told a Juvenile Court judge Monday she did it to protect her friend.

During a hearing, the girl said her 11-year-old friend was in trouble after her mother discovered a bite mark on her neck.

The friend asked her to confirm the story that a man had tried to kidnap them and bit the 11-year-old's neck. The 12-year-old said she confirmed the story because she was afraid her friend's mother would hit her.

"I didn't want her to get hurt," she said during the hearing.

She said she was confident her friend's mother had beaten her daughter before.

The girls reported the alleged abduction attempt Aug. 7, but the next day admitted it was a lie.

A sentencing hearing was set for Oct. 7. However, a consent decree may be reached before then, allowing for six months probation.

If the probation is completed, the charge would be removed from her record.

The judge recommended she accept the probation.

"It's a way to show that you've learned the mistakes and you're not going to do it again," he said. "It's an opportunity you should take advantage of if offered to you."

If a consent decree is not reached, the judge will decide on punishment.

After the false-abduction attempt was reported, more than half a dozen men matching the description given to police by the 11-year-old girl were stopped and questioned. At least two men were asked by officers to step outside of casinos in the area, while police ran their names through records. Attempt-to-locate bulletins were broadcast to law enforcement agencies in Washoe and Douglas counties.

The 11-year-old girl has failed to appear at her court dates.


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