Health inspections

Carson City Health Department's food-service inspections and the date of inspection (all scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations):

• Arco AM-PM 82341, 4190 S. Carson St., 100, Sept. 29

• Northgate Movies 10, 2571 N. Carson St., 89, Sept. 28

-4 Water for handwashing not properly tempered or dispensed. -2 Items stored on floor. Popcorn bags not correctly stored 6 inches above floor. -1 Non-food contact surfaces of equipment or utensils not clean. -1 Floors not clean. -1 Walls and ceilings not light-colored, smooth, nonabsorbent nor easily cleanable. -1 Lighting inadequate. -1 Provide adequate lighting in men's restroom. The establishment and property are littered. Clean Dumpster area on a regular basis.

• Basil Restaurant, The, 311 N. Carson St., 100, Sept. 28

Establishment clean and well-maintained.

• Joe Bob's Roadhouse, 1500 Hot Springs Road, 100, Sept. 28.


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