Rumors swirling over Lyon County parks department not true

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A rumor circulating Dayton like a dust devil turns out not to be true - Lyon County has not disbanded its parks and recreation department, although the parks supervisor, Jannette Hoffert, has resigned.

Lyon County Manager Donna Kristaponis said the county is reorganizing the parks and recreation program, but they are not planning to disband the board.

"It's unfortunate that rumors have been circulated that are simply not true," she said, adding that flyers with incorrect information were handed out to parents picking up their children at Camp Tumbleweed and at football practice.

Kristaponis said nothing in the programs available to the community will change. The only changes will be in who has responsibility for various aspects of the department and the name of the Human Services department.

The planning department will be responsible for park planning and grants; one grant has been applied for and director Rob Loveberg plans to incorporate discussions with developers to provide more trails and parks properties, Kristaponis said.

County engineer Dick Faber will oversee the design and construction of parks.

County Human Services director Edrie LaVoie will take over recreation programming, and her department will be renamed Community Services.

"Our goal is to ensure that our programs are available equitably to Lyon County residents in Dayton, Stagecoach and Silver Springs," Kristaponis said. "We also should be looking at how we could be of help to Mason Valley and Fernley, which have parks but no county-sponsored recreation."

Jack Mosby, director of county facilities, previously was in charge of the Parks and Recreation department.

Kristaponis said this was a great thing for the county, and it is similar to how Douglas County handles its parks needs.

"We're now going to have a little more horsepower for our parks," she said. "Jannette's done a fine job. She started as a volunteer and she got the department created. We wish her well."

She added the county would be looking for another parks and recreation supervisor, and are already advertising the position.

Kristaponis said she would be available to answer questions at the Parks Board meeting Wednesday, held at the Dayton Valley Country Club.

• Contact reporter Karen Woodmansee at or 882-2111 ext. 351.

If you go

WHAT: Lyon County Parks & Recreation meeting

WHEN: 6:30 p.m. Wednesday

WHERE: Dayton Valley Country Club, Dayton Valley Road, Dayton.

CALL: (775) 577-5009


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