Santa taking reservations for Christmas home visits

Reservations for a visit from Santa Claus on Christmas Eve will be taken through Dec. 21 by the Carson City Sheriff's Reserve Organization.

Carson City residents who would like Santa to visit their home, escorted by members of the reserve organization, can call 887-2020, ext. 45005.

Leave a message with your name, address, contact phone number, number of children, location of gifts, and the approximate time you would like Santa to visit.

Hours are 5-9 p.m. Visits may vary 30 minutes on either side of the requested time.

Santa visits are limited to the first 150 homes, so the earlier you make a reservation, the better your chance of getting a visit from Jolly Ol' St. Nick.

Though there is no charge for the visit, any donations would be appreciated by the Carson City Sheriff's Reserve Organization. Proceeds are used to offset the costs of duty gear.


About $90,000 from two Scolari's seized by authorities

YERINGTON (AP) - Acting on a court order, Lyon County sheriff's deputies seized about $90,000 in cash from two Scolari's supermarkets in Yerington and Fernley after a woman who won a $414,000 judgment against the company last month complained about not being paid.

Scolari's marketing manager John Stampfli said the problem was the result of a "misunderstanding" involving a lawyer for the company's insurer, and there was no intent to avoid paying the judgment to Pearl Shea, of Yerington.

Shea's lawyer, John Schlegelmilch, said she filed a negligence claim after suffering a broken hip and other injuries when struck by a motorized shopping cart being driven by an elderly woman at the Scolari's market in Yerington. But the attorney said several weeks went by following the Oct. 11 judgment with no communication from the company regarding payment. He then got a court order showing that the judgment had been issued and directing the sheriff's office to conduct a "till tap."


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