Sertoma Classic set for June 20 at Mackay Stadium

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Appeal Staff Report

Ninety of the top senior high school football players from this past season will again be featured in the 27th annual Sertoma Classic sponsored by the Sparks Sertoma Club.

This year's game will be held at 7:30 p.m. Friday, June 20 at Mackay Stadium. Reno High's Dan Avansino will coach the Blue team while Yerington High's Cody Neville, who lead the Lions to a NIAA 2A State runner-up finish last season, will coach the Silver team.

Since 2004 in a effort to make the game more evenly matched, the coaches in the contest have held a draft in which they select the schools they want represented on their squads.

The area will again be well represented in this year's game. Local players on the Silver roster include:

Douglas High School's Brock Peterson, Brandon Lowrance, Curtis Hartzell, Luke Wartgow, Mike Colyer and Nevada-bound Jeff Nady; Carson's Chris McBroom, Matt Kleinfeldt and Mitch Brantingham; and Yerington's Daniel Bauer, James Roberts, Stephen Skroch and Sean Watson.

Local players for the Blue team include Galena's Pete Lazzari, Kyle Griffin, Steve Blackhart, Jake Hess, Max Landis, Levi Stafford and Jason Parkinson; Dayton's Brandon Aguilera, Vadim Gladwill and Juan Miguel Rodallegas; and Fernley's Phillip Tretheway, Austin Wilson, Travis Stoffel, Neil Kendricks and Cory Jansen. Rosters for the two teams are:


LB/FB Tuff Kavapalu, Hug; QB/S Brock Frank, Damonte Ranch; WR/DB Tyler Olivero, Reed; RB Peterson; LB/FB Lowrance; QB Karl Fredericks, Lovelock; QB Zack Parker, Reed; QB/FS Daniel Bauer, Yerington; WR/PR Cory Whitaker, Reed; WR/DB T.J. Makeley, Hug; K/S McBroom; DB/RB/R Cody Croxon, North Valleys.

S Nick Tennant, Truckee; RB/KR Brian Walsh, Damonte; IB Sean Watson, Yerington; RB/LB Chris Castellanos, North Valleys; RB/LB Cody Fellows, Battle Mountain; DE/TE Roberts; LB/FB Sean Barrett, Damonte; ILB Kawika Dean, Reed; FB/LB Phillip Schmith, Lovelock; OL/DL Josh Montes de Oca, Elko.

OL/DE Hartzell; OT/DE Kleinfeldt; LB Kamas Wing, Spring Creek; C Jose Figueroa, Hug; DB/WR Anthony Clarke, Elko; LB/OL Wartgow; IB Skroch; FB/LB Joe Erman, North Tahoe; G Micah Chalk, Damonte; DE Joshua Kutz, Reed; C Dan Packer, Battle Mountain; OL/DL Brantingham; OL/C Colyer; G J.D. Wright, Truckee.

C/DT Joel Finley, Reed; DE/TE Popo Kilioni, Hug; TE Kelton Hall, Damonte; WR Joey Marquis, Spring Creek; DT/TE Nady; WR Jacob Moser, Spring Creek.


RB/DB Eric Marshall, Wooster; RB Styler Ngongoseke, McQueen; WR/KR Cody von Linsowe, Silver Stage; RB/S Aaron Quilici, Sparks; DE Kevin Allen Kahan, Reno; RB Neil Kendricks, Fernley; RB/DB Naciso Esparza, Wooster; WR/DB Zack Quilici, Sparks; K/P Alex Gonzalez, Wooster; LB Justin Fronberg, Spanish Springs.

RB/DB Lazzari; DB/RB Derek Martindale, McQueen; FB/LB Mitch McLane, Spanish Springs; WR Kyle Wirgler, Reno; TE/FB Griffin; DT Tyler English, Reno; RB Aguilera; WR LaRoy Hutchinson, Manogue; WR Blackhart; LB Matt Yuen, South Tahoe; FB/LB Michael Pickens, Sparks.

DE Joe Bartlett, Manogue; DE Michael Kahan, Reno; LB/FB Hess; LB Andrew Galindo, Wooster; OL/DE Holden Clune, Sparks; C Stoffel; LB Steve Jaykins, Manogue; DL Ryan Toomey, Spanish Springs; RB/LB Kirk Archuleta, Reno; LB Damon Lewis, Reno; OL/DL Fletcher Bowman, Fallon; OL Tommy Bouthiller, Manogue.

RB Landis; OL Rodallegas; OT/DT Israel Ochoa, Lowry; OL/DL Jorge Nava, Sparks; OL Brett Hinckley, Manogue; G A.J. Sisia, Wooster; DL/OL Stafford; DL/G Tretheway; OT Daniel Miller, Pahrump Valley; DE Gladwill; WR Parkinson; LB Wilson; DL Adam Lopez, Sparks.


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