Meeting Thursday on new online high school

An online high school, Insight School of Nevada, which has received authorization by the Nevada State Board of Education, will hold a meeting Thursday in Carson City.

Organizers will demonstrate and discuss the tuition-free, diploma-granting, online public high school.

They describe the school as "for families and students who are not finding a productive fit with their local 'bricks and mortar' public high school environment."

Insight Schools Inc. is the nation's largest network of tuition-free, diploma-granting, online public high schools. The new Insight School of Nevada joins the nationwide network of other Insight Schools in California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington and Wisconsin.

The meeting will be from 6-8 p.m. at the Plaza Hotel, 801 South Carson Street.

Keith Oelrich, founder and CEO of Insight Schools Inc., said in a press release that the school accommodates students who may be unhappy with their local high school; live in a rural or remote area; must work or have child/family care responsibilities; are pursuing sports, entertainment, modeling, dancing or other careers; do not function well in large classroom settings; do not connect well socially at school; are challenged with health or physical issues; reach their creative peak in the evening and find it difficult to attend school in the early morning; need more challenging coursework to progress at an accelerated pace; or are home-schooled and seeking subject matter help from a certified teacher.

For more information on Insight School of Nevada, visit or call 800-208-1931.


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