Chairman thanks volunteers for efforts

Chairman thanks volunteers for efforts

As chairman of the Lyon County Democratic Central Committee I want to extend my thanks to all the volunteers that worked on putting together the Joe Dini Picnic at the Fort Churchill state park facility this past Sunday. I especially wish to recognize Dick Bryan for giving the keynote speech and his willingness to travel here with his lovely wife Bonnie from Las Vegas to address us one more time. Throughout his political career he has always been a great friend and advocate for the rural counties.

Joe Dini attended of course and that was a good thing for the new people in town to see and meet Lyon County's legendary State Assemblyman.

I especially would like to extend my thanks to the many candidates for office, mostly Republicans, that attended and it worked both ways as they got to meet a couple of hundred voters during the event. Make no mistake the Democrats of Lyon County will determine who gets elected this year.

I want to single out John Franks, Wally Bowen and Tom Toigo for helping with the parking as so many people attended some had to park at the main entrance and we had to shuttle them down to the actual picnic site.

Shirley Silva deserves a mention as I stuck her with the chairmanship of the committee and Shirley Lafrenere handled the volunteer organizing.

I want to thank Jennifer and Howard of the State Park service for their cooperation also. This was the first picnic the Democrats have put on in several years and I hope it again becomes an annual event. Once again I wish to thank every volunteer behind the scenes and up front for their participation and dedication and to the many people attending with special thanks to the candidates for taking advantage of this opportunity to meet democratic voters

Charles E. Lawson,



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