Second Dayton bridge discussion may not be over yet

Though the Lyon County commissioners decided not to pursue a second bridge over the Carson River in Dayton, the debate may not be over yet.

Many residents of Riverpark and Brookhaven developments near Cardelli Road objected to a bridge in their neighborhood, and residents south of the river objected to the bridge when it was discussed at a recent commission meeting, and all seemed happy when it was canceled.

But some want the issue revisited, because they couldn't make it to the meetings to say their piece, for one reason or another.

Charlie Duke called recently and said it wasn't fair to put the residents of Dayton who live on the south side of the river at risk if a flood or other disaster were to take out the bridge at Dayton Valley Road " the only way over the river in Dayton.

He said first responders, firefighters and sheriff's department officers would not be able to get to those in need should someone have a heart attack.

"I live by the golf course," he said. "It's a common-sense thing."

He said it was clear the bridge should be near the fire station, making Cardelli the appropriate location in his view.

"Let those people yell and scream all they want," he said. "Do what is to the benefit of the people that need it. How many need to die of a heart attack because of response time?"

He called the department a "foundation fire department" because by the time the fire trucks get to the scene of a fire, all that's left is the foundation of a home.

He said Central Lyon County Fire Chief John Gillenwater preferred the Cardelli locations.

Duke also wasn't convinced by the argument the county didn't have the money.

He said there were four or five bridges over the Walker River in Mason and Smith valleys, and that Yerington and those areas always got what they needed.

He wants the commissioners to talk to members of the Congressional delegation and get an earmark.

"It's an earmark that would be well-spent," he said. "It's not wasteful. It's a bridge to somewhere."

I thought I'd include his comments in my column to see what others, who were not able to go to public meetings, thought. If you were at the meetings, you have had your say, or the opportunity to have your say. I'd like to hear from those that had to work, or had kids at home and couldn't come. So call me at 881-7351, e-mail to or write to Karen Woodmansee, 580 Mallory Way, Carson City, NV 89702.


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