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Dear Readers,

The new Nevada Appeal launched yesterday. We appreciate you taking us seriously, despite the fact that we chose April Fools Day as our inaugural launch! It was no joke!

The response to the change was overwhelming. Below you'll find comments from Nevada Appeal readers who took the time to call or send a note with their thoughts. We truly appreciated every comment and will continue to do our best to provide you with the quality newspaper you deserve.

Kippie Guthrie wrote:

"I really like the new format ... BUT ... in most of the households your paper is read, there are at least two people residing there ... therefore, I think it needs to have at least two sections. And this morning the paper curled really bad on the upper right hand corner. Hope that is not permanent. Otherwise, I really like it... easier to handle."

You are right, Kippie. Sharing is important, so try this: Hold the first page of the sports section and pull, it should remove the middle section " which is all sports. You can give those pages to your sweetie (or keep them for yourself) and someone else can read the rest of the paper. On Sunday, the plan is to have multiple sections.

I noticed the curling with my home paper, too. I think it has to do with the way the carrier folded the paper. We'll try some different folding patterns to see if that helps.

Kimberly Williams of Carson City wrote:

"Our office gets the Nevada Appeal daily. I just have to let you know I LOVE the new look. So much easier to read. It is just perfect! Thanks for the improvement!"

We love you, too, Kimberly!

Mary of Carson City called about the new look:

"I don't like it! A newspaper should be a newspaper! Young people go on the Internet and they don't care about the paper. I'm elderly and love to sit down with the newspaper and take my time on each page. We need a NEWSpaper."

I'm sorry you don't like the new format, Mary. We are still a NEWSpaper and will continue to provide you with all the news and information from the Capital City that you can't find anywhere else. And remember that compared to the Nevada Appeal's 144 years, you are fairly young. Many people in your age group are also using our Internet site " it's not just for the very young. The goal of the change to the paper is to be more community focused and to add a necessary cost savings to the bottom line. I hope you'll feel differently after reading a few issues.

Mrs. Evarts called:

"I really enjoy the new Nevada Appeal! Just keep giving me my crossword puzzle and I am happy!"

Good for you, Mrs. Evarts! Studies show crossword puzzles are excellent for your brain. Did you notice the puzzles are all larger? Enjoy.

Lillian Hack wrote:

"I just wanted to let you know that I think the new format is wonderful; it is easier to read and hold in my hands. I've been reading papers since I was 6 years old when my parents had stores in Chicago and that is 67 years of reading!!! And, I love Pickles! I met Brian Crane when he lectured at WNC last year and found him to be just as easygoing as his cartoon characters."

I'm so glad you like our new format. I, too, was pleased that our readers chose a local cartoonist. We had over 400 readers respond and of those, over 80 percent chose Pickles. Brian Crane certainly is a welcome addition to the paper.

Bess Fosgate called to tell us she loves what we've done:

"Perfect! I was thinking of canceling ... but not now."

Bess, thank you for not canceling!

Jan Doescher of Carson City called to tell us she really likes the new format.

"It's so much easier to read at the breakfast table."

Jan, I'm glad you're reading the paper at the breakfast table! Breakfast is an important meal. If you open yesterday's paper to page A31, you'll find a coupon for a free breakfast from Charley's Grilled Subs (when you buy one for a friend). You'll also find coupons from local restaurants for lunch and dinner and even a great offer from Keva Juice! Great values!

Readers, please take advantage of all the great offers in the paper. The size of the paper and the amount of news we can deliver is determined by how many businesses support the paper. So, please use those coupons and support those wonderful businesses that support your news every day. Or, at least, thank them for supporting an informed community.

These were only a few of the comments regarding the new format. We appreciate every one of the calls and notes we received. Please continue to send your feedback. It's your comments today that help us shape the newspaper you receive tomorrow.


Niki Gladys

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