Carson City Past pages 4-22

130 years ago

The Eureka Sentinel gives us this account: The fastest stage time on record was made yesterday between Tybo and Eureka. The distance is over 100 miles. The state left Tybo at 5 a.m. And arrived here at 2 p.m., being just nine hours on the road. Jot Travis handled the ribbons, and Messrs English and Haskell were among the passengers. The usual time for this trip is 25 hours.

110 years ago

The Capitol Lodging House, for so many years run by the late Jennie Forest, has been purchased by Gilbert Briggs and will be refitted for use as an annex to the Briggs House when the latter is overflowing with guests. The resort is located next to the Appeal office and one of the landmarks of the city. Jennie was young and willowy and handsome and her tongue was quick and tradition has it that she was a heart-smasher of the most pronounced type (continued tomorrow).

50 years ago

Moving quickly to forestall any rumored demonstration by inmates, Jack Fogliani was installed as warden of the state prison Saturday afternoon. Fogliani, 58-year-old resident of Nevada, has been superintendent of the prison farm for the past eight years. Governor Sawyer personally took Fogliani to the prison to announce the appointment over loudspeakers.

10 Years Ago

A group of five third-graders from Fremont Elementary School rose to the occasion recently in the Odyssey of The Mind making a "RatiOmetric Structure." Chelsey Farnworth, Matthew Grunert, David Ingbar, Jason Yee and Racheal Kilgore, competed in the event.

- Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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