Health Inspections Aug. 17

Carson City Health Department's food-service inspections for the week of July 29-Aug. 4. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

• Eagle Vending, 1835 Clydesdale Dr., scored 100 points.

• Schwan's Sales Inc. Wholesale Distributing and Tony's Pizza Trucks, 45 Red Rock, scored 100 points.

• Smith's Food & Drug Bakery, 599 E. William St., scored 100 points.

• Silver Oak Golf Club Bar/Lounge, 1251 Country club Dr., scored 100 points.

• Carson Plaza Restaurant, 2120 E. Long St., scored 100 points.

• High Sierra Brewing Co. Inc. Restaurant Kitchen, scored 98 points. The main ice machine has biofilm and lime buildup inside around the chute area.

• High Sierra Brewing Co. Inc. Restaurant Pizzaria, scored 99 points. The floors need to be cleaned, especially in the corners, to remove debris. Clean the floors thoroughly on a nightly basis to prevent pests. One floor tile located between the freezer and the prep reach-in is displaced. Attach to provide a smooth, waterproof, cleanable surface.

• Thurman's Ranch House Restaurant, 2943 Highway 50 East, scored 98 points. Some containers of prepared on-site foods, salads, etc., are not properly labeled with the name of the food inside and the date prepared. There is a hole in the ceiling from a former water leak in the rear food storage area.

• Casino Fandango Restaurant Main Kitchen, 3800 S. Carson St., scored 98 points. Found 5-gallon containers of marinara sauce in the walk-in with a surface temperature of 91 F.

• Casino Fandango Restaurant Palm Court Grill, 3800 S. Carson St., scored 95 points. Found raw steaks, chicken breasts, etc., in three refrigerated drawers under the grills holding at 60-70 F.

• Subway #10368, 100 W. Winnie Lane, scored 87 points. Readily perishable cold food was found in the small under-counter refrigerator about 46 F and was not being maintained at 40 F or below. Sewage was not being disposed of in a manner approved by the health authority. Both restrooms were out of order and closed to employees as well as the public. The mop sink contained dirty water which would not drain. Close restaurant immediately. The drains were not working and the plumbing was not properly maintained. There was no certified food handler present at the time of this inspection. Plumbing violations were corrected later in the day. Both restrooms open and functional, and mop drain works. OK to open and resume business.

• Jack In The Box #7304, 3665 S. Carson St., scored 94 points. Found uncovered staff drink cup on an active food prep surface. Observed/confirmed staff person eating food in the kitchen. Found the ice scoop stored improperly on top of the main ice machine. The ice scoop storage container at the drive-through window ice bin is dirty.

• Johnny Rocket's Restaurant, 4600 Snyder Ave. #B, scored 100 points.

• Save Mart Supermarkets #552 Deli Department, 3620 N. Carson St., scored 97 points. At least one employee of this establishment must be a certified food handler.

• Save Mart Supermarkets #552 Meat Department, 3620 N. Carson St., scored 100 points.

• Wendy's #4 Restaurant, 4140 S. Carson St., scored 97 points. There was no proof of a certified food handler present at the time of this inspection.

• San Rafael Coffee Company Retail Food Producer, 711 S. Carson St. #9, scored 100 points.

• Sierra Wines Convenience Store, 1442 E. William St., scored 97 points. There were no paper towels or soap available at the toilet room sink.


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