2 tickets hit Mega Millions winning numbers; winners to split $380M

EPHRATA, Wash. (AP) - One of two winning Mega Millions tickets was sold at a Safeway supermarket in the eastern Washington town of Ephrata. In Idaho, players awaited word on where that state's winning ticket was sold.

Because of feverish sales before Tuesday night's drawing, the winners will now share a $380 million jackpot, an increase of the previous $355 million estimate, said Scott Kinney, Washington's Lottery spokesman.

Idaho Lottery officials plan to hold a news conference Wednesday morning.

Jackpot winners for the Mega Millions game have to match five regular numbers plus the "Mega ball." The winning numbers were 4, 8, 15, 25 and 47, with 42 being the "Mega ball" number.

The two winning tickets from Tuesday are each worth $190 million. Besides the jackpot, prizes range from $2 to $250,000.

The drawing drew huge interest across the country as thousands of people lined up to buy tickets in 41 states and Washington, D.C., where the game is available.

Fans of the ABC television show "Lost" are having some fun with the jackpot.

Four of the six winning numbers matched those that character Hugo "Hurley" Reyes used to win a lottery on the show, only to suffer a series of spectacular misfortunes. Hurley's numbers - 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 - popped up throughout the show.

Mega Millions said 25,587 tickets matched three of the winning numbers, plus the bonus number - so anyone who played the "Lost" numbers won $150 per ticket.


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