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President Garfield: Was removed from the White House in a hammock, placed in bed in an Adams express wagon and driven to the depot. He is now at Long Branch sniffing the bracing sea air and said that the trip marked the most eventful day of his life since the shooting.


All sorts: Hal Mighels left for San Francisco to spend his vacation and see the world famous Sarah Bernhardt.

A Carson City youth yanked all the plumbing out of a sink to recover something he had lost and after he could not find it, admitted that he didn't lose it there.


Leisure Hour Club: Plans for the season of the club were formulated at a meeting at the home of Mrs. Denver Dickerson. Officers are Vice President J.L. Harvey, Miss Julia Kringlen, recording secretary; Mrs. Jack Johnson, corresponding secretary, Mrs. M.D. Anderson, treasurer, Mr. Nellie V. Davis and John M. Chartz, trustees, and R. B. Jeppson, trustee and member at large.


Photo caption - Initiation: What the best dressed Freshman girl is wearing to school is modeled by Susan Dolan, who with 190 of her classmates is going through the annual initiation paces at Carson high school. Boys in the new Freshman class were required to wear nylon stockings, one high heeled shoe, a tennis shoe, a full skirt (up-side-down), lipstick, rouge, earrings and turban and veil. In addition a necklace of onions and soap adorned their necks. All day today, the initiates have had to bow low to their superior Seniors. Initiation week festivities will conclude tonight when the Frost Hop is held... (Pictured here with Trent Dolan in foreground.)


Camel races take place in Virginia City - "The animals in this activity may be ill tempered, independent, difficult to control and undomesticated," according to the legal waiver form, and "Riders may be subjected to hazards such as being stepped on, knocked down, kicked and bitten."


Senator girls golf team takes 7th in a finish for the Northern Nevada 4A tournament. Carson finished seventh with a 537. Playing for Carson, Ciarra Christian, Lindsay Farnworth, Ashley Faber, Elizabeth Rankl and Gabielle Gallegos and Mandy Carvin.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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