Election turnout is Carson’s second highest

Despite Clerk-Recorder Alan Glover’s hopes, the Nov. 6 voter turnout in Carson City didn’t surpass the turnout in President Obama’s first-term election.A total of 89.9 percent of Carson City’s registered voters went to the polls this cycle. But that is less than the 91.4 percent that voted in the 2008 General Election.“I’m ticked I missed my 90 percent,” said Glover. “I really thought that election day was so busy and early voting was huge, that 91-92 percent wouldn’t have surprised me.”The Board of Supervisors will officially certify the election results at a meeting this coming Tuesday. That includes the CC1 question over whether to fund the library project.The question asking voters if they would support a quarter-cent increase to the sales tax to pay for the $28.8 million project went down with 68 percent of the electorate opposed to the idea.There was one close race in the election — the battle for supervisor representing Ward 4 between Jim shirk and Molly Walt. Walt, the incumbent, lost by just 25 votes and is considering whether to seek a recount. Glover said she has three days following Tuesday’s vote canvass to ask for the recount. He said since it’s done by computer, the cost is fairly minimal, unlike in past years when hand recounts were often just too expensive for most candidates.Carson City’s turnout numbers are for all registered voters, both active and inactive.The Secretary of State’s office has posted final turnout numbers but only for active voters, those who voted in the last elections. Statewide, 71.4 percent of Nevada voters — 898,240 — went to the polls this election.


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