What are you thankful for?

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The Nevada Appeal asked its readers what they were thankful for this year. We, at the Nevada Appeal, are thankful for our loyal readers. Thanks to everyone for sending in their letters. I’m thankful for peace of mind. In spite of lost loves, lost children, tragedy, trauma, drama. I enjoy wonderful peace of mind from the knowledge that all things happen as they are meant to happen. Not needing to regret, apologize or rationalize. Knowing in my last years that I lived life well, gave it my all, and still live life well and still give it my all. This knowledge imbues me with a quiet calm often resented by those who prefer to suffer past events and indignities by nurturing resentments rather than forgiving. Being able to sit with no internal dialogue; letting go and eagerly awaiting what will come. Immeasurable, intangible, incredible — peace of mind. As the great Piaf sang: “Non, je ne regrette rien” (No, I don’t regret anything).Gretchen GodfreyCarson CityI am thankful for my husband, Ray Wungnema, who took care of me several different times this year. Every time I came home from the hospital, he had everything organized at home. The house was clean, dishes done, meals cooked. He changed my wound and never complained. He took me to doctor plus the wound clinic.So thank you dear sweet husband for all your “tender loving care.”Donna Batis-WungnemaCarson CityAs a sophomore in college and at the age of 21, my beautiful niece, for no medically explainable reason, lost her hearing. This amazing and courageous young woman immediately grabbed hold of the situation, taught herself lip reading and American Sign Language after a brief one-semester night class at the local community college, and simply explained to her mother, father and me that this was, for the most part, simply a change in lifestyle. She then proceeded to graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas without any special accommodations for her deafness, and was accepted into the masters program at the National Institute for the Deaf where she is now studying education to teach young deaf students. No matter what obstacles come her way, this resilient young woman remains unstoppable and positively motivated. During this, my 68th year, when I revisited how I have handled the various challenges I have had to face during the past 12 months, I realized how contagious courage and fortitude is and I was so thankful that I had the opportunity to be surrounded and influenced by this very special young person. And so, I give thanks for this special relationship. Ilene ZusiMindenI am thankful for so many things that God has given me, however I am most thankful for my health. Due to the good health, God has gifted me with, I have been able to watch my children, nine grandchildren and even two great-grandsons grow.You see, when I was 11 years old, my mother was killed in a car accident, which basically left me and my twin brothers abandoned.Then when I was 27, I was divorced and raising my two children by myself. I always feared that if something should happen to me, my children would be left alone in this world with no one else to care for them, abandoned. That scared me!So this is why I am so truly thankful for my health. Without my good health, I would not have been able to love and care for the two most important people in my life, my children.Carol DeGurseCarson CityThe other day my husband, mom, 11-year-old daughter and I were out shopping. We were on our way home and wanted to stop by to get a pie for Thanksgiving at Save Mart on Highway 50. My husband ran in and we drove over to Taco Bell and got a 10-pack of tacos for lunch. We saw a homeless man who had a thin blanket and he was acting as if he was having a seizure or talking to himself. We weren't sure. I said, “Look, we should give him a taco. He looks hungry and cold.” We drove up to him and gave him a taco. He had a red nose and you cold tell he was so cold. He thanked us and was grateful. Then he asked if we had any blankets. My heart dropped. I wanted to cry. Unfortunately, we didn't have any in our car. Feeling sad, we drove away thanking God for everything that we have — food, shelter and a healthy family, something that I am sure he did not have. We got home and all of us were running around looking for blankets, thinking maybe we could find him again. My daughter said, “I don't want that man to go cold tonight.” We had already donated a ton of blankets to the animal shelter for the animals. My husband said get him the sleeping bag in the closet. I looked at him and asked, “The heavy newer one that we got?” He said yes give him that one. So my daughter, mom and I were on a mission to find him again. My daughter and mom said, “Please God, please let us find him.” My daughter said, “Please God, I don't want him to be cold tonight.” We drove by the Gold Dust and didn't think he would have made it further than that. No luck, so we were sad and started to venture home, going back over past Save Mart where we had already looked. I said, “Wait, wait, that is him. He is right there!” We drove fast to get there, not wanting him to get any further. My daughter said, “Thank you God, thank you God.” He will be warmer tonight. We gave him the sleeping bag and he thanked us. It was so totally awesome. My daughter said it was like there was angels looking out for us to find him. Grandma, Grandpa and our family we had recently lost in the past three years helped us guide him back to us. They will be his angels now, they will look over him. I wanted to cry. What an amazing day for all of us.Monica HowkCarson CityI am thankful for my daughter, my mom, my dad and my wonderful boyfriend. I am also thankful for all the help my mom and dad give me. I am thankful for the life I live and the job that I have. I love my family and I am thankful to have them in my life everyday!Happy Thanksgiving!Shora Ingram Carson CityFirst, most of all, the promise of Heaven, because God promises, “Whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.” — John 3:16b, 17 NIV BIBLE.Also, so much more, living in a country not devastated by war, for freedom to think the way we choose, men and women willing to risk lives to protect the lives of others, being able to live in a nice four season climate, our magnificent “beach on top of a mountain,” beautiful nature and music for natural healing, people who have befriended us (not ‘cause we’re so nice, but because they are!) and so much more! This Thursday we are going to do a big amount of Thanksgiving!Johannes and Lorivan der WalCarson CityI am thankful for my dearest friend, my passionate lover, my partner in life and my soulmate. Fortunately for me, these four individuals are encased in one man: my husband. We’ve been through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows together and he has always remained faithful, steadfast and strong. After 55 years I still consider him a “sexy hunk” who raises my pulse rate when he enters the room. I thank God every day for you, my darling. I love you!Barbara MossCarson CityI arrived in Northern Nevada 15 months ago with nothing. I had lost my wife, my kids and everything else that mattered to me. By last Thanksgiving, my wife and I were back together, but without our kids. We spent Christmas without them also. This year, through the help and support of the V. family of Silver Springs, various employers, neighbors and coworkers, we will spend Thanksgiving together as a family. I am thankful for my family, my job, my home, and all the people who helped me get them back.Scott RudolphCarson CityI am thankful for so much this year. I am thankful that my daughter who has been homeless for several years has got a home right next door! Thank you, HUD. After raising her two children for almost six years, she has taken them back and I can be a “grandma” again.I am thankful for finding family. After a 40 year absence, I found three of my cousins. We were all under 10 years old the last we saw each other.I am thankful for Walmart. I am newly employed at the new Walmart opening in Gardnerville. I will soon be out from under the blessed assistance of my mother and, hopefully, will be able to start paying her back for all the weekly loans. I am thankful for music. I am most thankful for a loving God, who has blessed me with the ability to smile and say, “Thank you!”Pamela DeWittGardnervilleI am so very thankful for the Carson City Salvation Army Corp., on Colorado Street, not just for my own valued benefit that I frequently appear a s a guest speaker and performer at their outstanding Sunday services, spiritually hosted by Lt. Mark and Leslie Cyr, accompanied by a lively teenage band, but I am mostly so very thankful for all the healing good that they do for families, young and old who can’t afford it. As a U.S. Navy Korean Veteran, I remember so distinctly the oft-repeated, praiseworthy dictum: the Salvation Army does more for us, our fighting forces than any other U.S. Service organization, including the Red Cross.I personally wish to invite anyone who would like to attend one of the most inspiring and rewarding Sunday Christian services in all of Carson City and the Carson Valley at 10:45 a.m. in their first rate chapel. You would have been so very thankful to have attended. Hope to see you there!Most happily and thankfully,Dr. Thane W. CornellCarson City


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