Letters to the editor

Now is the time

for compromise

Our country can achieve success only when there is compromise. House majority leader Boehner and minority leader McConnell no longer have the excuse of limiting President Obama to one term while doing nothing to help the country.

Lower taxes for their financial buddies during the last eight years has not resulted in more hiring and less unemployment, but instead just the opposite, so why should we expect it to severely impact our economy now?

A good Republican friend of mine voted the entire Democratic ticket because he was fed up with lame excuses and a do-nothing House controlling Congress. The electorate has spoken, and it is time for compromise. The polls show that most Americans favor imposing taxes on the wealthy as a revenue source while not impacting the middle class.

Our last success in Washington with a balanced budget came during the Clinton administration when taxes on the wealthy were prevalent. We should all, as Americans, contact our representatives and tell them to start working toward compromise and put any biases aside, especially for the wealthy.

Our country is slowly but surely coming out of recession. An increased tax on the wealthy, along with the cuts by the administration and the ending of two expensive wars, is the sensible approach to achieving a balanced budget and avoiding the draconian "fiscal cliff" that will surely send us back into deep recession.

Doug Sever

Carson City

Democrats have

really done it this time

Shame! Shame! Oh, shame again. The Democrats and Liberals have helped accomplish what no terrorist, no enemy nation, no domestic tyrant or subversive has been able to do: Forge another link in the chain of slavery of the American people to the federal government.

So now they can collect their 20 pieces of silver or whatever the going rate is for betraying your country and your fellow Americans by electing a man who claims to love America but hates everything America stands for. The once bright light on the hill has been extinguished by the uninformed, uneducated, unenlightened, mean-spirited, who grovel at the feet of their Democrat lords and masters.

Well, sleep tight, if your consciences will allow you to sleep after what you have done. But sleep with one eye open, for the consequences of what you have allowed also will visit you and yours.

Democrats, Democracy, I never really got the joke until now.

Michael Crawford

Carson City

Solution will

be just as bad

Call me cynical, but I believe the solution for the "fiscal cliff," as imposed by this administration and Congress, will be just as bad as going over the cliff.

The losers, as usual, will be working taxpayers.

David Neely



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