Lyon County investigating horse abuse complaints

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Because of complaints of mistreatment of horses in Silver Springs, the Lyon County Animal Services Division has initiated an investigation into Starlight Sanctuary, said County Manager Jeff Page in a media release.

He said officers viewed approximately 70 horses on the property and found appropriate feed and water for the animals; however, they also observed some horses that were underweight or had other health concerns.

Animal Services has requested a veterinarian to visit the site to determine the health of the animals in question.

Page said the Lyon County Animal Services reports that the sanctuary, an animal rescue operation, has been in existence for a decade with no reported violations of county code or state law.

He added Lyon County Animal Services will continue its investigation into the allegations and determine if any county codes or state laws have been violated.

According to Page, Lyon County Animal Services has also been working an additional allegation of animal abuse and/or neglect at a 4th Street location, also in Silver Springs. In this case Page said a report noted that numerous barnyard animals had been left unattended by a renter.

Lyon County Animal Services discovered that the multiple animal operation had been under the care of a friend until food had run out. Page said the property owner has been providing feed and volunteers have been used to feed and water the animals.

Lyon County Animal Services has requested a veterinarian to visit the location and determine the health of the animals. Page said this case is also an active criminal investigation.

Upon completion of the investigation, Page said reports will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for determination of charges and disposition of the animals. He added Lyon County has and will continue to monitor the animals to ensure that they are receiving food, water and following the medical directions issued by the veterinarian.


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