Residents advised against burning wood

State environmental officials are asking Carson City and Carson Valley residents to refrain from burning wood this week because stagnant air is forecast to continue through new year.

Strong temperature inversions and stagnant weather conditions can cause air-pollution levels to increase rapidly in the valleys, according to the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

“Where wood is the only option, people should burn as cleanly as possible,” a news release states.

An air-quality monitor at Ranchos Aspen Park indicates the air is unhealthy for sensitive groups. Before the most recent storm, levels dipped into the unhealthy range.

Anyone who has to use a fireplace, woodstove or pellet stove is advised to:

• Use only dry, seasoned wood

• Build small, hot fires instead of large, smoldering ones

• Give the fire a generous air supply

• Never burn trash, including newspapers and magazines

Residents are advised to check air quality at

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection uses six categories to describe air quality: good; moderate; unhealthy for sensitive groups; unhealthy; very unhealthy; and hazardous.

Air pollution can be a health threat to children with asthma, the elderly and those with respiratory issues.


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