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152 Years Ago

The First Stage: The first Overland Stage arrived at Carson City. It brought 2,100 pounds of mail and one passenger ... When it arrived in Carson, it was received with great demonstrations. (Territorial Enterprise, July 1861)

140 Years Ago

Human nature: On the Plaza under the trees the amiable, harmless Washoe and their small tatterdemalions love to congregate. Each day they get together, the women with their wickerwork and the jolly little toddlings are full of glee ...

130 Years Ago

Tallac House: E. J. Baldwin is selling lots near the Tallac House for $300 — with 100 feet front on the lake and a lot that runs back up the mountain to the clouds ...

120 Years Ago

Unemployed: There are hundreds of unemployed men passing through Truckee. A person cannot walk up the street without being asked to give a hungry man something to eat. (Truckee Republican)

70 Years Ago

Parlor pooches: War conditions are making long-haired parlor pooches of real use. They are the sources of supply of dog-wool for sweaters. By carefully saving the combings and shearings of pets and utilizing old-time spinning wheels, the hair can be converted into yarn and knitted into dog-wool sweaters ...

50 Years Ago

Sharon House: Virginia City’s historic house with old-timer Johnny Zalac at the bar and Lynn Leong serving the best cuisine is a longtime favorite with diners of the West ...

30 Years Ago

Births at Carson Tahoe Hospital: To Kristina and Steven Kline, a son; to Janet and John Chagnon, a son ...

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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