Letters to the Editor for Sunday, March 24

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Wild-horse removal is a stain on Carson City

I have lived in Carson little over five years, and the best thing about my walks every evening was enjoying the wild horses. There is no reason why that small herd had to be trapped.

Last year when one mare hadn’t had her foal, we were all concerned and finally when she did have it one of the guys named it Full Moon because it was born on the night of the largest full moon. We were all so excited that she finally had it without complications to her or her baby, we all thanked God for the miracle. Will they sell the old, white mare to a meat processing plant? Shame on you, BLM, for taking away one of the most beautiful things I have ever had the opportunity to enjoy.

I blame this all on the Appeal for a story you wrote a couple years back saying how nice the park was off Fairview and since then it has really changed. People leave their dirty diapers along the riverbank, and I am constantly picking up broken bottles. It’s the people that are the problem, not a band of wild horses. The real nuisance horses are the ones that are being ridden by people.

When I first moved to Carson, I thought it was a great place that I would retire one day because the people are so friendly. Now I doubt that I will retire in Carson.

Deb Geary

Carson City

Evolutionists define history as they see fit

An article on the Higgs boson in Friday’s edition began, “It helps solve one of the most fundamental riddles of the universe: how the Big Bang created something out of nothing 13.7 billion years ago.”

Evolutionists would like it to do this, but it does not. The Big Bang and billions of years are unproven assumptions. Later in the article the truth is brought out, the Higgs boson might “explain why matter has mass.” That matter has mass is observable today and the Higgs boson might explain why. CERN is doing experiments that are “observable” today and can be repeated, but this does not explain how the “unobservable” past happened.

The Big Bang is a fairy tale told by evolutionists; it can’t be seen or proven and requires a lot of faith to be believed. If anything, the discovery of the subatomic particles like the Higgs boson demonstrate the amazing design in the universe.

It confirms what Paul said in Romans 1:20: “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.”

We see design everywhere in the universe and in the world, but the evolutionists don’t want us to admit design because that might lead to theism, so they teach a view that leads to atheism, which is just as religious as theism. And then they teach it to our children in school.

Don R. Drake

Carson City

Paper deliverers not to blame for lateness

In defense of the paper delivery persons in the Dayton area in the letter by Glenn Logue, when the papers are delivered to their pick up site late, they are delivered to homes late. It matters not why, it just is.

Don’t take your frustration out on the route persons. Sometimes things happen that are beyond human control. Granted daylight savings time is a crummy excuse, it’s not exactly a surprise. Just tell folks the truth.

Donna O’Brien


Smoking, oxygen tank use a dangerous mix

Smoking while using oxygen is detrimental to the public’s safety. The combination is an explosive public hazard. Those who smoke and use oxygen must think of the safety of others first and be held accountable for their careless and negligent behavior in the case of a fire or injury to others. If smoking is a right, then the smoker has the responsibility to smoke safely, extinguish all cigarettes and dispose of them properly and not smoke around oxygen.

We live in a high wind area in Carson City and we are still in a drought. Please be careful if you smoke and check into any programs at the Health and Human Services Department should you desire to quit.

Together, we can make Nevada a safer state.

Ann Burke

Carson City

Gun ownership is a right, not a privilege

Letter writer Frank Johnston suggests that guns should be registered with the government just like cars (Appeal, March 17) thereby drawing a false equivalency between a privilege and a civil right.

We’ve been there, man. America is a century-old petri dish of gun control laws, ranging from reasonable to confiscatory. The 1911 Sullivan Act, the 1968 Saturday night special ban, Feinstein’s 1994 assault weapons ban, and on and on.

The results are in. Gun control doesn’t prevent crime; it serves to make crime victims more vulnerable. The locales with the strictest gun laws have the highest crime rates. Registration always leads to confiscation, as the California assault weapons ban proved.

Junior crime stoppers alarmed about gun violence should focus on failures in the criminal justice system. Campaign against softhearted judges who return violent and repeat offenders back into society, the same judges who allow hardened criminals to plea bargain gun charges away.

Self-anointed cardinals of the public conscience who push gun control are enemies of freedom, the fundamental human freedom to effectively defend self and family that pre-exists the Second Amendment. Their efforts can be summed up in the old caricature of the New York Times headline: women, the poor, and minorities hardest hit.

Community organizers working to improve the lives of the downtrodden should remember that “God made men; Samuel Colt made them equal.”

Lynn Muzzy



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