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Daun Bohall Collection/Nevada State Museum

Daun Bohall Collection/Nevada State Museum

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130 Years Ago

A photographer called and asked the lady of the house if he could take a view of her house. She said she didn’t want any picture and that his machine wouldn’t work anyway. Then he went next door and asked woman No. 2 if she would like a picture of her in front of her house, and she said yes. The first lady became curious and came over to join in the picture. She was afraid that her new silk dress wouldn’t show well so she seated herself on the top of a step ladder alongside the fence. Just before the picture was about to be taken, she fell over, providing a picture of a woman hanging head down from a picket fence ... She called to the photographer to help, but he ignored her and proceeded with the picture. After it was taken, she looked at the glass plate and almost fainted away. Later in the evening the woman’s husband called on the photographer and gave him $50 cash for the picture ...

120 Years Ago

A cat fears white rats ... The writer has several white rats in the house as pets for children, and the cats are afraid of them ... When the rats were liberated and the big tomcat walked up to them, one of the rats ran up to the cat and bit it, then the rat chased the cat. It is claimed that if white rats are turned loose in a field inhabited by gophers, that rats will exterminate them ... This writer intends to make the experiment.

70 Years Ago

Manager T. W. Cross of the Carson Water Company is issuing a special rate to water a Victory Garden ­­­­­— defined as a plot of ground not less than 400 square feet where edible vegetable or berries are produced.

50 Years Ago

The Carson City fire department under the direction of Fire Chief Les Groth are planning a celebration to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Carson City Fire Department which was June 17, 1863.

10 Years Ago

Carson will see the development of an auto mall within the next two years. “Once we know when (the state) is going to go to bid on the freeway, ... we can get more serious about putting together a time frame for the auto mall,” according to Interim City Manager Andy Burnham.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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