Letters to the editor for Tuesday, May 7

Want to escape slavery to big corporations? Use wallet

Capitalism. Because people with money are willing to invest, discoveries are made and whether by design or accident, they’ve tended to better our lives over time. Profit drives advancement, but the other side of this coin is that profit corrupts.

Every year internationally, at the federal, state, county and city levels, blind eyes are turned. Deals are struck. Laws are made and ideas are squashed all to promote and protect favored business.

We live in an amazing age of science. There exists today better and less invasive ways to treat cancer, alternative fuels and motor technology. New electromagnetic science can now produce more energy with fewer resources than ever before, but we will not see any of them, until it profits the right people.

Today’s mega corporations, banks and other hoarders of wealth own everything from the patents to the property to the pipelines to deliver the goods and services we need and desire. They have a stranglehold on the world. They decide what we get and what we have to pay for it.

This is our conundrum ... and what to do? Doubtful we could riot our way through. And certainly we’d never vote our way out of it. I suggest the only power we have is in our pocketbooks. Educate yourselves. Demand better. Seek alternatives but just don’t buy it. Until we hit these people where it hurts, nothing will change.

Kelly Jones

Carson City

heg heg

This is for the morons who go to the Walmart on the north side of town and cannot stay in the correct lane.

I have been run off the road five times now. When you make your turn from College Parkway onto Retail Road, there are two lanes available. The inside lane has a big white left turn arrow painted on the road. In case you don’t know what that means, it means left turns only. The outside lane has a white left hand arrow and a white arrow pointing straight painted on the road. This means the cars in that lane can either make a left turn or go straight. You idiots in the left turn only lane continually cut people off because you insist upon going straight cutting off the people in the outside lane.

The Sheriff’s Office needs to place an officer there before there is an accident. I have started to almost come to a stop until I see what the driver on the inside lane next to me is going to do. Again it happened to me yesterday. If you drivers are too stupid to see and read the arrows painted on the road, then stay off the roads. You are the kind that cause accidents and don’t think you did anything wrong. You have no business having a drivers license.

When this happens again, and it will, I will follow you to get your license numbers and turn it into the Sheriff’s Office.

Judy Ramirez



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