New residents must register vehicles

Residents of Nevada are required to have Nevada registration.

NRS 482.385 is the law that we would like to discuss today. Registration is required of a vehicle by person upon becoming a resident of this state, accepting gainful employment or enrolling a child in public school in this state. Within 30 days after becoming a resident or at the time he or she obtains a driver’s license, the vehicle is required to be registered in Nevada.

There are exceptions to registering vehicle in Nevada and are as follows: on active duty in the military service of the United States; an out-of-state student, migrant or seasonal farm worker.

The violation for being a resident with non-resident registration is a fine, set by statue, of $1,000. The fine imposed pursuant to this section may be reduced to $200 if the person presents evidence at the time of hearing that the person has registered the vehicle within the state of Nevada and are in compliance with this law.

Any resident who is operating a vehicle on the highways of Nevada, which is owned by a nonresident and is furnished to the resident operator for his or her continuous use with in this state, shall cause the vehicle to be registered within 30 days. If a vehicle is used in this state for a gainful purpose, the owner shall immediately apply for registration.

Remember to be patient and courteous when driving and make our highways safe for all of us to travel on.

Trooper Talk is prepared by the Fallon District Office of the NHP.


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