Letters to the editor for Thursday, Nov. 28, 2013

Oil and its byproducts affect every element of our lives

John Barrette’s column about whether we can or cannot operate the federal government as a business is — as ever — thought provoking, but still not possible (given the policies that have guided this nation over the past four decades). However, a more independent statehood and energy independence would certainly pave the way for a smaller, business-structured federal government and less political nonsense.

Energy independence will not only return trillions of oil and natural gas dollars regulated out of our economy, it will automatically begin the simultaneous process of resolving our unemployment, economic, financial, and national debt problems during the 8-10 years following the activation of our country’s energy wealth. The 8-10 year time line (without undue interference) was an oil expert’s estimate at the 2007 energy economic hearing.

Oil and all its by-products touch every aspect of our lives. In other words, the cost of oil and its many by-products control our economy and our lives. The pleasure of which has been in the hands of four foreign oil suppliers for some time! Most interesting is our continued use of foreign oil all the while ignoring the painless transition to our natural gas reserves. Equally interesting has been the lack of gubernatorial interest (as a national body) in trying to halt decades of economic decline. Replacing or modifying the policies responsible for our economic destruction and human decay is long overdue!

Ron Wood


heg heg

What the hell is wrong with Ambassador Samantha Power praising Jane Fonda? It wasn’t Jane Fonda Day. It was meant for the veterans who gave up their lives to serve their country. What did she do for our country, except criticize the war?

No one likes to fight wars, and it’s unfortunate we have to send our men and women over there because of the leaders. It saddens me that we lost so many good men and women, and some came back with loss of limb. If she is so against the war, she should do something about it.

Really, the president didn’t stop such nonsense? Did she forget that we were supposed to praise the veterans? It would have been nice if she had said thank you. What the hell is wrong with him? They should have done something to the ambassador and Jane Fonda and enjoyed the day for what it was for. I know, freedom of speech — not that day! It was really inappropriate.

Oh, and if Jane Fonda I so against the war, I would like her to go to Russian and see how far her freedom goes!

Ruth Berg

Carson City


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