Letters to the editor for Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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Bible-expert pastor will be greatly missed

On Feb. 12, the country lost its most educated man on earth on the Bible and the original manuscripts of the Bible. I just want to express my love for Pastor Arnold Murray of Shepherd’s Chapel in Arizona. We will miss him.

We love you, pastor. See you soon.

Dennis Myers

Carson City

Attack on candidate’s character uncalled for

I am thoroughly disgusted after reading a letter about a candidate for the Board of Supervisors. I do not know Lisa Helget; never met her, but after reading the attack upon her character, I will probably vote for her. The writer’s main attack seems to be based on her 27 years as a state employee. Perhaps the writer/businessman doesn’t realize this city would not exist if it were not for state government and the employees thereof.

And who says that running a “for profit” business is the first criteria for a city supervisor? I thought they were supposed to represent everyone — businessman, state employee, retiree, dishwasher.

Perhaps city government should try to make the downtown appealing for all citizens and concentrate less on what the businessmen want.

P.S. Before you blame all the freeway problems on NDOT, remember that the highway department wanted to build the freeway around Carson over 40 years ago but was stopped by Carson City businessmen.

Bob Gagnier

Carson City


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