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100 Years Ago

Just received: A car of buggies and light wagons of the Old Reliable Studebaker Brand up to date vehicles. Call and get good prices before buying elsewhere. Also blacksmithing in all lines. Satisfaction guaranteed. One block north of courthouse. C. L. Benadum, Proprietor.

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, April 11, 1914

James Hogg, poet known as the “Ettrick Shepherd” was never quite happy away from the fields. Sir Walter Scott made a friend of him, but he was not a social success. “In a shepherd’s dress, and with hands fresh from sheep shearing, he came to dine for the first time with Scott in Castle Street, and, finding Mrs. Scott lying on the sofa, immediately stretched himself at full length on another sofa: for, as he afterward explained, “I thought I could not do better than to imitate the lady of the house.”

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, April 11, 1914

75 Years Ago

Mrs. Lattin has prepared an Easter window exhibit at the Parisian Beauty Shop displaying a silver cross in a field of green with a crown made of the sacred thorn bush, a plant like the one from which the original Crown of Sorrow was made and pressed upon the brow of Christ. A beautiful Easter lily completes the window scene.

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, April 8, 1939

Dorothy Drew, one of the dancers in Sally Rand’s show, has become a patron of the arts. A native of San Francisco, she is a staunch supporter of the Golden Gate International Exposition. She liked so well the idea of Leland Clifford, the artist, painting world’s fair scenes on feminine backs that she became the first volunteer. The artist painted the famed Tower of the Sun on her back.

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, April 8, 1939

A W.P.A. grant for $15,870 for the purpose of conducting archaeological and paleontological surveys and investigations has received executive approval Senator Pat McCarran announced. According to leading archaeologists, the survey is expected to make valuable contributions to the science of archaeology, as Nevada is rich in historical relics.

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, April 8, 1939

50 Years Ago

Silver State Downs, located on Gummow Drive just south of Radio KVLV, will be the scene of a two-day weekend race meet, featuring races for American Quarter Horse Association and Jockey Club –Thoroughbred registered horses. Due to popular demand, there may be an Appaloosa write in the race. The photo-finish camera tower has been completed and a 10-horse electric starting gate will be in operation.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Tuesday, April 7, 1964

Mole hills are made into mountains by adding a little dirt…The Lord does lead some folks but Tubby Tyler says he pushes him…Tubby Tyler says he’s gittin as nervous as a bubble dancer in a pin factory. Uncle Charlie’s Epigrins,

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, April 10, 1964

A View From The Past…Stories from the Churchill County Museum archives, researched and compiled by Margo Weldy, Churchill County Museum Assistant.


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