National Honor Society inducts new members

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The Churchill County High School recently inducted 33 new members into National Honor Society.

Adviser Glen Perazzo said he is very proud of the students who were inducted into honor society this year. He said this is an honorary organization that recognizes students for excelling in the pillars for which society stands.

“The students have to meet a high requirement in four different areas — scholastics, service, leadership and character,” Perazzo said, “Each student is evaluated on those four areas to see if they have what is required to join the Honor Society.”

Perazzo said for students to be considered they first must obtain a 3.8 grade-point average or higher. He said juniors receive a packet midway through their junior year and share their high school service and leadership work with the committee. He said the committee evaluates the students’ GPA, service, leadership and character to determine if they should be invited into the society. He said seniors are evaluated in the fall based on their grades.

Perazzo said the selection committee consists of five high school employees who are selected by Principal Kevin Lords.

“The committee is kept anonymous so the students don’t have the opportunity to try and persuade the teachers,” he said.

Perazzo said students are required to maintain the high standards for which they were chosen. He said students are required to serve, maintain good leadership skill and good character and have a good GPA.

“The students are required to provide 15 service hours per semester,” Perazzo said. “They are required to perform five hours within the Honor Society, five hours outside in the community or other organizations and five hours in either of the two just mentioned.”

Perazzo said the students earn these hours by volunteering at blood drives, participating or helping with Dancing with the Stars, assisting with the senior citizen prom, raking leaves, collecting food cans or organizing dodge ball tournaments.

He said students are required to attend honor society meetings as well.

“We have a top notch group of kids,” Perazzo said. “It’s a pleasure to work with them. These students are the cream of the crop and it’s so great to work with, it really is.”

The new students include the following: The class of 2014: Leticia Orozco, Lenore Pell and Gabrielle Sharpe. The class of 2015: Debra Beyer, Shelby Blakey, Madellyn Christie, Brooke Donahue, Rebecca Eckert, Jeffrey Evett, Linsey Golding, Jonathan P. Grimes, David Hughes, Joseph Jamieson, Emily Johnson, Skylar Jones, Cameron Kissick, Bailey Knight, Tiffany Marshall, Trey McGowan, Josey Moore, Jackson Sage Mori, Reed Parsons, Timothy Rosario, Ryan Stockard, Aurora Smith, Alexandria Tedford, Emma Thomas, Adam Wadsworth, Corbin Waite, Katrina Ward, Jordin Warner, Megan Warner and Tyler Wood.


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