Kristi Rasmussen

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Kristi Rasmussen is gone now. We loved her. And we all miss her. We just wanted her to be well. We didn’t want her to hurt, and we didn’t want to lose her. But we do know one thing, that brings us comfort, and peace. When Kristi was little, she was always in church. Even when the rest of us were not. She gave her heart to Jesus at a very young age, and we believe that even though she didn’t do that as a teenager, and opted more for worldly, teenage things, we believe that she never let go of her faith in Jesus. Toward the end, she seemed to reach out to Him, and she talked about Him, more and more. She wanted to go back to church, when she had the strength to do so. That is why, even though it hurts, and it hurts very badly at times, we have peace, because we know she is in the arms of the Father. Her pain is gone-both physical and emotional. All the wounds are healed now, as though she never knew pain at all. That is what helps us all get through this. We WILL see her again! But when we see her, she will not have a care in the world. She will be happy, and light, and free, and there will be no pain, loneliness, and she now has a heart that will never stop. It’s a good heart, too.. Until then, Kristi, until we meet again....We love you so much, you will live on in our hearts forever… The funeral arrangements for Kristi Rasmussen are as follows: Saturday, April 26, at 2:00 P.M. in Washoe Valley, Nevada, at Washoe Valley Christian Church. 145 Esmeralda Dr., just off of Eastlake Blvd. Washoe Valley is sandwiched right between Carson City and Reno, NV.


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