Letters to the editor: Another pedestrian safety idea

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Another pedestrian safety idea

While there have been many good ideas concerning pedestrian safety in Carson City, I believe one cause of this recent spate of accidents has been overlooked … speeding and driver inattention. I noticed this first hand on Aug. 5, when my young son and I left the Nevada State Museum. We walked to the crosswalk at North Carson Street and Caroline and waited for traffic to stop. Lanes in both directions stopped and we proceeded across the street. While traffic was stopped for us, the left southbound lane was empty, but we had to stop as I saw a red Volkswagen convertible doing well over the speed limit coming toward us in the left lane. It should have been apparent to this driver that not only the lane he was passing was stopped, but also both northbound lanes and at a crosswalk to boot. We weren’t in any imminent danger as I have the habit of continuously looking when I cross a street, but this driver had to brake hard and fast when he realized someone was in the crosswalk. Since the downtown corridor is 25 mph, I suggest that the sheriff’s department and or the Highway Patrol saturate this area to make sure drivers do the speed limit. I know the NHP love setting up radar at the Shell station south of downtown, but why not closer to downtown?

Brian Brabazon

Carson City

Protect your rights

I applaud Ortis Trone, on his “guest editorial” column, in the Saturday’s edition.

He really tells it like it is. I, like former President Reagan, feel the government is responsible for causing more problems than they fix. We pass all these laws, but elect people into our executive branch of our government, who refuse to enforce them. I’ve often commented on the fact we have left the asylum in charge of the inmates. I feel we should leave most of our laws to the states to decide on, not the federal government. If we had political parties who were respectful of our Constitution, instead of those who make up their own rules as they go, our federal government would work a lot more efficiently. Take for instance, enforcing immigration laws. I feel each state should call out its National Guard, and put it in charge of keeping illegals out of our country. We are called on not to frown on homosexual activities, even though our religious beliefs tell us otherwise. We are called to fund abortions, even though our religious beliefs tell us abortion is murder. I could go on and on, but don’t have the space too do so. Please take an interest in protecting your freedoms, before it’s too late.

Neil Powers

Carson City


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