Obituary Dorothy Anna Atcheson Thran

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Sept. 7th, 1918 -- Jan. 1st, 2014

Ninety-five years is a long life and for the most part, for me, a good one but just a little too long. The last few years have been quite a struggle. Mostly I have been fortunate in my life but losing the love of my life, my husband Earnhart Thran, when he was only 61 was almost more than I could bear. My father,Henry Atcheson, had also died at a young age leaving my mother, Anna Wehrman Atcheson, to face long years as a widow and I remember saying that was something I never wanted to experience. But life doesn’t let us choose. I was born in the Gardnerville hospital that was on the corner of High School Street and Main Street on September 7th, 1918. Ernie and I met when we were attending Douglas County High School from which we graduated. We then attended the University of Nevada. By this time the United States was engaged in WWII and Ernie and I decided to get married before he went into the service. After his return from the service he worked various jobs until he decided to run for Douglas County Clerk and Treasurer. He loved this job and the people with whom he worked. I worked for many years at the Minden Milling Company and later for Red Swift at the Gardnerville Ranchos Development. Ernie and I had five beautiful daughters (our baby Marilyn Jean died the day after her birth of causes which were never really explained to me at the time). Ernie was such a smart, gentle man and his girls meant everything to him. One of my sadness’s is that he didn’t live to see how our family has grown. Susan Katherine married Robert Hemsath and they have four childrenPamela Ornellas (David), Nonie Olson (Cary), Robert Hemsath (Monica) and Scott Hemsath (Jennifer). And now I have so many wonderful great and great-great grandchildren that to list them all would take a page. Susan has so worried over me these past years. I hope she will now take time to care for herself. Dee Anna married Lloyd Decker and they live in San Diego. After Ernie died and I was wondering how I was going to get on with my life, I had our travel trailer moved to a park in San Diego near where they lived. This helped me through this rough time. Judith Marguerite has been such a help to me. Her companionship (and the help of Judi’s life partner, Timothy Stangle) allowed me to remain in my home until the last month of my life. Her beautiful daughter, Stephanie Mathews (Jon), has three amazing children, Dylan, Sierra and Xander Jan Marie and her husband Jerry Gray have two children, Jennifer Minifie and Jeremiah (Lindsay). Jennifer has two wonderful children, Jayden and Shea. Jan has established a family tradition of hosting a “Ladies Luncheon” (a Christmas gathering of all the women in our family) which I hope will continue. When I was a young mother, mothering was done differently. I didn’t arrange play dates or chauffer them here and there; mostly I told them “go outside and play”.And our girls became wonderful, successful, independent, competent women. Each has had sorrows and joys but they also have the love and strength of family which will see them through anything life may put in their paths.In our lifetimes we make many choices but the time of our demise is not one of them. Open your hearts and let out the petty jealousies and long held grudges. They will not bring you happiness or contentment. Open your hearts and let in love and forgiveness. Tell each and every person you hold dear “I love you”. At my request no services are to be held. In lieu of flowers please make donations to the Carson Valley Historical Society. In loving memory of our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother who taught us the most important lesson: to love and support one another and to know that wherever you are physically or emotionally your family is with you:Great-grandchildren: Matthew Hemsath (Suzanne), Christopher Hemsath (Joana), Joshua Hemsath (Sadie), Tiffanie Hemsath, Trevor Hemsath, Stephanie Hemsath, Brandon Hemsath, Erik Olson, Keith Olson, Nicholas Ornellas (Sara), Camille Ornellas, Dylan Sullivan, Sierra Sullivan, Xander Mathews, Jayden Dejoseph, and Shea Dejoseph.Great-great-grandchildren: Decara Hemsath, Ethan Hemsath, Ayden Hemsath, Caleb Hemsath,


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