Letter to the editor, Tuesday, July 21

Stop the influx across our border

Linda Adams’ recent letter gratuitously compared the flood of illegal alien children coming across our southern border to the baby Jesus, suggesting that we citizens are obligated to offer them refugee status regardless of their legal standing. The Obama administration is asking for help housing these divine infants.

How many has Ms. Adams volunteered to take in? How would her neighbors feel about that? I ask because these children have had little or no health screening. Many carry lice, scabies, and other diseases the United States wiped out decades ago. Would Ms. Adams be willing to let her government choose which children she shelters? MS-13 members, many of them as young as 12, felt so welcome that they sprayed the walls of federal detention facilities with recruiting graffiti. Would a real humanitarian let gang affiliation keep her from doing the right thing? Borders define countries. Harry Reid stated recently that our border was secure. Meanwhile coyote-in-chief Obama, who lives behind a fence while sneering at building more border fencing, is transporting these kids from the border to permanent homes all over America.

Lynn Muzzy



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