100 Years Ago

The Mexican Affair has become a little side-show in the face of the stirring news that all Europe may become involved in a war over the conflict between Austria and Servia. England is preparing for war, Russia is mobilizing her armies and Germany is preparing for conflict. Let us hope that the terrors of such a war may be averted.

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, August 1, 1914

J.C. Sparks has sold his dairy of 15 cows to Guy Harmon. Grasshoppers devoured all of Mr. Sparks second crop of alfalfa leaving him without sufficient feed for the season. “Tis an ill wind that blows good to none,” and while the crop of alfalfa is gone, Mr. Sparks has 500 turkeys that are waxing fat on the grasshoppers.

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, August 1, 1914

G.W. Sharkey, who has made a most efficient officer in one of the most difficult positions to fill in the state because of the hobo and yegmen element at Hazen, has announced his candidacy for another term.

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, August 1, 1914

75 Years Ago

John Oats, pioneer settler, dedicated a city park and swimming pool last Sunday on ground he donated to the city 30 years ago… Mrs. H.W. Sawyer of Fallon, co-author of a Nevada history and Robert A. Allen, state highway engineer also an authority on Nevada history, are invited to join the Oregon Trail Memorial Association caravan which will cross Nevada stopping in Fallon on August 25, following the old Pony Express trail, dedicating historic spots en route.

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, August 5, 1939

Ladies, get out your crochet hooks and get busy! You may win a trip to the New York World’s Fair, the title of National Crochet Champion and 250 dollars in cash – but first you must win first place in the Nevada State Fair Contest.

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, August 12, 1939

50 Years Ago

Behind the clear television picture which will be coming into your home each day is a business operation that is contributing to the Fallon economy. Besides the addition of the new cable stations, which brings all the major networks to Fallon, there will be one radio station, our own KVLV. TV cable investment in Fallon is near $250,000.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, August 7, 1964

Four additional camels have been sponsored to participate in this year’s camel races in Virginia City. The additional camels are being sponsored by Harvey’s Wagon Wheel, Lake Tahoe; Harold’s Club, and the Holiday Hotel, Reno; and the Bucket of Blood Saloon in Virginia City. Besides the camels, there will be ostrich races each day. The big feature will be a hair-raising ostrich race between the Silver Queen Saloon and Casino in Virginia City, and the Keystone –Owl Drug Company, Reno.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, August 7, 1964

A View From The Past…stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives, researched and compiled by Justina Wenger, Churchill County Museum Intern and Margo Weldy, Churchill County Museum Assistant


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