William Murphey Sheerin

Aug 3, 1989 - Mar 17, 2014

William Murphey Sheerin (Will) changed addresses on March 17, 2014. William was born in Reno, NV yet spent much of his early childhood in Eastern Indonesia, with a couple years also in Northern Chile. He and his family moved to the Minden/Gardnerville area in 2000 where he started Pauwalu Middle School and later graduated from Douglas High in 2008. Will loved and excelled in football and track. Will was an angel…not the kind that liked to clean his room or do what people told him to. He was the kind of angel that loved and accepted all people; the kind that made you laugh and gave you hugs. He was the kind of angel that cared for the underdog, the down-and-out and the lonely. He loved nature and animals and rocks. Will was an angel that made the world bright, until it wasn’t, and then he made art about it. He was a painter and a drawer. He made movies and videos. He made us laugh. He made us cry. He made us feel. Will was an angel sent to earth to teach us that love is deep. Love is bold. Love is forever. William Murphey Sheerin changed addresses this week because that’s what angels do. They return to the place where angles live so that they can watch over those of us still on this earth and remind us to love, to take care of each other, to live fully each day. They return to the place where angels live so that they can remind us more powerfully that we are earth angels too. We love you Will. Will is watching over his mom & dad, Keri and Chris Sheerin, his brother Johnny Sheerin, his grandparents Pam and John Murphey and JoAnn and Gary Sheerin. He’s also watching over his aunts & uncles, his cousins and his cousins’ cousins. He is watching over his friends and those with no friends. He will be watching over you too. Because that’s the kind of angel that Will Sheerin is. We will be celebrating Will at Lampe Park at 2pm on Friday, March 21. Please join us.

In lieu of flowers, Will’s family would love it if you would make a donation to the Carson Valley Boys and Girls Club. The address is 1870 Russell Way, Carson City, NV 89706.


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