CC Comm launches gigabit broadband service

CC Communications is the first independent telecommunications company in Nevada to deliver gigabit broadband speeds to residents and businesses in Churchill County.

CC Communications is leading the innovation in rural Nevada by providing fiber-based broadband speeds that are critical for creating business opportunities, improving quality of life and promoting economic development.

Today at noon, CC Communications, along with the Fallon Chamber of Commerce, Churchill Economic Development Authority, Churchill County, the city of Fallon and the Churchill County Library will celebrate the launch of Gigabit Broadband services in the community with a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Churchill County Library A light lunch and beverages will be served following the ceremony. Each of these city and County entities will be upgraded to Gigabit Internet service by CC Communications.

According to CC Comm, gigabit connectivity represents a data transmission rate of 1 billion bits per second, which is about 100 times faster than those currently available in many U.S. households. Gigabit broadband provides a faster and more stable platform for bandwidth heavy entertainment applications such as HD video and music streaming, the growth of Ultra HD (4K) TV sets and immersive, multi-player gaming.

Telehealth, working from home, online education, uploading large files or video content to the Internet and saving and storing files to the Cloud are all driving the need for higher bandwidth. Gigabit provides a platform for new, innovative applications that haven’t been invented.

“We are committed to delivering leading edge technologies and services to our community,” said Mark Feest, CC Communications general manager. “Offering high capacity, fiber-based broadband speeds up to 1 gigabit opens the doors for a greater quality of life for residents, superior educational opportunities and provides many business advantages and economic development for our community.”

CC Communications will implement fiber to the home in all new developments in Churchill County, and in early 2008 began the process of installing fiber to the home and business in existing neighborhoods. According to Feest, only 18 percent of homes in the United States have fiber to the home access. CC Communications provides fiber to the home availability to 80 percent of Churchill County now and plans to make it available to 97 percent by 2019.

The CC Communication’s gigabit launch will include a range of broadband tier upgrades, starting at 100 megabits-per-second (Mbps), 250 megabits-per-second (Mbps), and 1 Gbps. All tiers will include a Total Solutions package with PC protection, unlimited online back-up, upgraded wireless router and in-home installation and set-up.


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